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Taking Deal Making to the Extreme CEO Ed Meyercord and COO Norman Rice met in November 2013, this where the story begins.

Taking Deal Making to the Extreme (Wireless Networks )

Extreme Networks a 20year old networking company Founded in 1996, headquartered in San Jose, California, was a leader in its time but had become tired and hard-wired. Following a chance meeting at a yard sale Extreme now has a new start. 

Andy Brockhurst met the main players recently and delved deeper to discover how the transformation came about

CEO Ed Meyercord and COO Norman Rice met in November 2013, this where the story begins.

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Izzbie One Travellers VPN, Launched in Las Vegas

Launched in Las Vegas at the CES 2018 show

izzbie ONE claims to delivers travellers both individuals and businesses  a military grade Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) izzbie One  to provide secure remote access to their home and office network,  protected with encryption  (AES 256 bit technology) without going through any 3rd party providers and allows you to access geo-restricted content. Claiming the safest online experiences with complete privacy, time will tell, we are expecting to review this gadget later this month.


AMD Revenue of $1.03 billion, down 17 percent sequentially and 26 percent year-over-year.

AMD have announced revenue for Q1  2015 of $1.03 billion, operating loss of $137 million and net loss of $180 million, or $0.23 per share.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO said “Building great products, driving deeper customer relationships and simplifying our business remain the right long-term steps to strengthen AMD and improve our financial performance, under the backdrop of a challenging PC environment, we are focused on improving our near-term financial results and delivering a stronger second half of the year based on completing our work to rebalance channel inventories and shipping strong new products.”

Gross margin of 32 percent, up 3 percentage points sequentially, primarily due to a lower of cost or market inventory adjustment in Q4 2014. Non-GAAP(1) gross margin of 32 percent, decreased 2 percentage points sequentially due to product mix and lower game console royalties in the first quarter.


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Unhackable chip

Yet Another Unhackable Chip Claim

Staff at New York University of Abu Dhabi, claim to have created a 'unhackable' chip although  this could well be claimed on a weekly basis. The most recent claim is that the chip is armed with a secret key that could make it virtually impossible to access and would only function for authorised users.


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The Magic Quadrant on SSA's


The Magic Quadrant on SSA's

Vendors in the Leaders quadrant have the highest scores for their Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. A vendor in the Leaders quadrant has the market share, credibility, and marketing and sales capabilities needed to drive the acceptance of new technologies. These vendors demonstrate a clear understanding of market needs; they are innovators and thought leaders; and they have well-articulated plans that customers and prospects can use when designing their storage infrastructures and strategies. In addition, they have a presence in the five major geographical regions, consistent financial performance and broad platform support.


Vendors in the Challengers quadrant participates in the SSA market and executes well enough to be a serious threat to vendors in the Leaders quadrant. They have strong products, as well as sufficient credible market position and resources to sustain continued growth. Financial viability is not an issue for vendors in the Challengers quadrant, but they lack the size and influence of vendors in the Leaders quadrant.



A vendor in the Visionaries quadrant delivers innovative products that address operationally or financially important end-user problems at a broad scale, but has not demonstrated the ability to capture market share or sustainable profitability. Visionary vendors are frequently privately held companies and acquisition targets for larger, established companies. The likelihood of acquisition often reduces the risks associated with installing their systems.

Niche Players

Vendors in the Niche Players quadrant often excel by focusing on specific market or vertical segments that are generally underpenetrated by the larger SSA vendors. This quadrant may also include vendors that are ramping up their SSA efforts, or larger vendors having difficulty in developing and executing upon their vision.


Between 2010 and 2012, most customers were interested primarily in high-performance and low-latency SSAs. Given the lack of available data management features, customers tolerated the feature shortcomings in favour of raw performance. As initial storage performance issues were capably addressed, customers wanted to address multiple application workloads that required a rich data management software portfolio consisting not only of storage efficiency and resiliency technologies purpose-built for SSAs, but also the underlying SSD memory technology. During 2013, we witnessed the advent of comprehensive data management software features, such as de-duplication, compression, thin provisioning, snapshots and replication technologies that, when specifically tailored to SSD, can provide compelling benefits, particularly in application workloads that see favorable data reduction ratios. This trend of innovative and comprehensive data management software on the more mature SSA platforms has continued into 2014, and has started to permeate at the application level, which will drive the industry in 2015 and beyond. It is through the synergy of cost-effective hardware and purpose-built software that the industry will see further consolidation in order to reach maturation.