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New Appointment at Oracle Leans Towards the Cloud

New Appointment at Oracle leans towards the cloud

Oracle has appointed Ross Brown as vice president of its Cloud GTM division. Brown is the former VMware channel chief and this appointment points the company's recent efforts to improve its cloud infrastructure service.


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Japan’s Top Financial Official View On Bitcoin After cryptocurrency Ruled Legal Method Of Payment .

Japan’s top financial official has offered his stance on bitcoin in a year where the cryptocurrency was ruled a legal method of payment in Japan.

Japanese finance minister Taro Aso claimed bitcoin is yet to be proven as a credible currency in society before admitting that he would watch its progress in the future, Reuters reports.

Fintech-HistHeistBitCoin Fintech-Hist

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Why Bitcoin Craves The Respectability Amazon Will Bring

Bitcoin to be accepted by Amazon

 DarkWeb    Silk Road   Satoshi Nakamoto  Fake News

Cryptocurrencies were once the ‘enfant terrible’ of finance, traded on the Silk Road rather than Wall Street. But Bitcoin’s adoption by Amazon could push its value to five digits within months and kickstart a new approach to e-commerce, argues David Jinks, Head of Consumer Research at e-commerce fulfilment experts ParcelHero

Plastic-The-GuardianBitCoin-image Plastic representation( The Guardian)


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Where will Bitcoin be in 2023

Here we go again what will happen with Bitcoin in 2022 -2023  .....Bitcoin Price Reached $60,000 Before Crashing to $1,000 in 2018 is Saxo Bank’s ‘Outrageous’ Prediction

Josiah Wilmoth on07/12/2017

Bristol and Lund set a new world record in 5G wireless spectrum efficiency

Achieving 1.59Gbit/s over a 20MHz radio channel
The Universities of Bristol and Lund, have carried out new research alongside National Instruments (NI) and have demonstrated how a massive antenna system can offer a 12-fold increase in spectrum efficiency compared with current 4G cellular technology, the demo conducted in the atrium of Bristol’s Merchant Venturers Building  achieved an unprecedented bandwidth efficiency of 79.4bit/s/Hz with a throughput of 1.59Gbit/s in a 20MHz channel.

Clients and M-MIMO BS Bristol-WEB

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Shops & Stores to play key Role in omnichannel strategy say major European retailers

Cloud computing or not !

According to a new survey conducted by PAC, 73% of retailers expect the shop or store to become more strategically important by 2020 according to a new study. However, 69% said that expanding their digital presence is the top short-term priority.

European retailers are taking significantly different approaches to omnichannel, according to the study by market research and strategy company Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC).

Retailers are trying to provide a seamless experience across different points of customer engagement, to achieve the same level of service, promotions and pricing.

PAC interviewed senior business and IT stakeholders at 200 large retailers in Europe.* It found that while three quarters of respondents say the physical store will become more strategically important, the majority also say mobile and online channels to play a bigger role in the future. This highlights how the issue of managing and integrating multiple channels has become a hugely important success factor for the modern retailer.

One of the clearest findings of the study is that retailers are at different stages of maturity in achieving an omnichannel strategy, with regional differences. These include:

$1·         85% of German retailers expect the store to become more strategically important vs. 62% in the UK;

$1·         60% of retailers in the Netherlands already use their physical stores as a collection point for online orders vs. only 30% in France and Germany;

$1·         70% of UK retailers track increases in Net Promoter Score as a key measure of the success of their omnichannel strategy, vs. 56% in Italy.

The study, supported by HP, Fujitsu, SAP and GK Software, found that it is business leaders, rather than IT departments that are generally leading omnichannel programs. More than 80% said the development of a long-term channel strategy was either a major or clear challenge, while 75% named transforming internal organization structures as a pressing concern. For most retailers, business challenges rather than I.T. issues create the biggest challenges to success.

However, almost 50% of retailers plan significant IT investment in the next two years to support their omnichannel strategies. Main areas of spend include: webshop systems, mobile shopping apps and online/mobile payment software.

Nick Mayes, Principal Analyst at PAC, said: “The findings of the study show that European retailers are at very different stages of their journey towards omnichannel. But it is very encouraging to find that so many see it as a business as much as an IT challenge, and that strategy is being led in many cases from the boardroom.”

European reseller,is very suprised at this report and thinks that the online opportunities will win through, so our online resellers & dealers will continue to work with cloud companies, hosting compaies.



                   The study can be downloaded free of charge from PAC’s website:

London, September 17, 2015

 Nick Mayes - PAC-WEB

Nick Mayes, Principal Analyst at PAC

University of Oxford said US military can teach CEOs about cybersecurity

As organisations worldwide continue to fall victim to cyber-attacks made possible by the mistakes of their own network administrators and users, a new report shows how CEOs can take a cue from the US military and create high-reliability organisations (HROs) that consistently guard against cybercrime.

An article published in the Harvard Business Review, Cybersecurity’s Human Factor: Lessons from the Pentagon, by James A. Winnefeld Jr., Christopher Kirchhoff, and David Upton, identifies the six principles at the heart of the US military’s success in stopping attacks on its systems and quickly containing the few intrusions that occur. Crucially, the authors also indicate how the principles can be put into practice in other types of organisations.

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Businesses in Guernsey are being warned about a DDoS threat targeting the island's Companies.

Guernsey Police say the 'highly sophisticated' criminals were unsuccessful in their Cyber crime / threats  when attempting to extract monies from companies that rely on using the internet  and that they should make sure they have a good level of cyber security.

BitCoin pressphoto WEB 20122014

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Coolspirit and The University of Aberdeen’s choose Commvault Simpana

Coolspirit a cloud reseller and The University of Aberdeen have deployed Simpana data management infrastructure, from Commvault to ensure that the ever growing amounts of data can be managed and shared more efficiently, to wider audiences, while reducing risk through enhanced compliance preparedness.

Coolspirit and Glen Douglas, who leads the  Server Operations Team at the  University, researched the market and carried out a full tender for a replacement for it’s incumbent solution from IBM. The IBM system was described by Glen as being complex to learn, difficult to maintain and was becoming increasingly unreliable as data levels increased. The system was so complex only one member of staff had the required knowledge to use it. This created a single point of failure for the University and meant it relied on costly external support.

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Relayware One Millionth Channel Partner to Platform

Relayware, a Cloud-based provider of Partnering Automation software, has announced its one-millionth partner.

Andy Brockhurst of European Reseller spoke with Bob Mann, Chairman and CEO concerning the company following a sustained period of strong international growth. 

The company portal provides partner packs to accelerate the indirect channel, giving a simple solution to the mounting challenge facing suppliers and manufacturers today.

Solutions that addresses all your partnering needs, ranging from partner portal pack, channel marketing, sales pack and  training pack. Each pack provides tools to check performance and benchmarks together with KPI’s.


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Bloxx Launches Tru-View Cloud a Real-Time Content Filtering Service

When talking with European Reseller magazine Charles Sweeney, Bloxx  CEO, said

Blox will enter the Cloud market with the launch of Tru-View Cloud a new cloud-based web filtering and security service, thus enabling organisations to set robust policies for mobile workers and deploy filtering solutions to additional, remote locations.



Today’s complex, hybrid IT environment requires effective, constant content filtering and security for all users, devices and locations. By combining Bloxx’s on-premise hardware or virtual web filtering appliances with cloud filtering, Tru-View Cloud delivers real-time web filtering that minimises risk whilst increasing user and network protection in a cloud environment.


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The Convention Centre Dublin Replaces Cisco with Meru Gigabit Wi-Fi

Meru Networks an intelligent Wi-Fi networking system supplier have announced winning the contract for The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) this international business venue, has replaced its Cisco® WLAN with a Meru 802.11ac Wi-Fi to support the high density of mobile devices used in its facilities, which include a 2,000-seat auditorium and several large meeting spaces. Event attendees and exhibitors make extensive use of the Internet, email, VoIP and other voice and video applications during concerts, trade shows and other events.


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Californian Wi-Fi provider Drives Global Channel Expansion with Xcellerate

Xirrus have announced their Xcellerate Partner Program, offering  new tools, deal registration, lead generation engine, sales portal, local resources and Xirrus University.

Andy Brockhurst spoke with Ian Bayly Vice President, EMEA Sales to learn how Xirrus, will change the Wi-Fi horizon. As a provider of high-performance wireless networks, with senior  management experience gained from network providers like Motorola, Cambium Networks Netgear, Juniper Networks, Peribit Networks.  


The company based in Thousand oaks, California  have announced the Xirrus Xcellerate Partner Program, what appears to be a robust program for its expanding network of global channels. The partner program provides channel partners with an easier way to do business, in addition to providing what is claimed to be unparalleled products and services providing the fastest Wi-Fi environments on the market.

 With three tiers of levels, Authorized, Premiere and Elite, Xirrus’ partners will benefit from the following features through the Xcellerate program:

 •       Sales Portal & Automated Deal Registration – Xirrus’ interactive sales portal is completely redesigned with a deal registration through protective margin program and new digital marketing tools to meet partners’ needs.

•       Lead Generation Engine – With an inside sales team that’s dedicated to uncovering new opportunities, the new lead generation engine also incorporates new marketing initiatives for the program to raise awareness.

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New Head of cloud business for EMEA and APAC for Iland

iland,  an enterprise cloud hosting provider, with data centres in the U.S., U.K. and Singapore, offering global cloud hosting and disaster recovery. Has appointed William Rabie as head of cloud business for EMEA and APAC.

iland’s  claim is that anyone–regardless of expertise, location or business objective–can experience the benefits of a hassle-free cloud. From scaling production workloads, to supporting testing and development, to disaster recovery.


 The company has been recognised as VMware’s Service Provider Partner of the Year, Global and Americas; is part of the Cisco Cloud Managed Service Provider Program for IaaS and DRaaS; and partners with other industry leaders including Zerto and Veeam.

As companies continue to turn to cloud for scalability, agility and cost benefits, they must also address key issues associated with data sovereignty, compliance, transparency, resource management and business continuity. This is especially true as cloud environments expand globally.

In his new role, Rabie will help drive iland’s strategy to address the evolving needs of its growing enterprise cloud and disaster recovery customer base throughout EMEA and APAC.

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Casino Website offering Bitcoin Exchange

Bitstarz is a Casino Website offering more innovation to introduce Bitcoins for all their active players. But why?

They have announced a new integration of the Cubits Merchant API. This system accepts Bitcoins and allows players to immediately transfer them to real currency in a quick, simple and very secure way. This is where holders of bitcoins are going to benefit, they can now deposit bitcoins through cubits and convert the currency to Euro allowing them the option to play on 400 extra games by the giant provider Quickfire, which offers games like Immortal Romance, Jurrasic Park, Thunderstrike II, Avalon II and many others. The first question is why you hold Bitcoins, they are a tainted currency. If you need a crypto currency, why not use dollars except store them in the plethora of electronic wallets currently around.

BitCoin pressphoto WEB 20122014

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Best Practice for SMB customers

Best practice for winning, keeping and growing SMB customers

Winning new business is never easy, nor is holding on to new and existing customers. This is especially true in the SMB space, where competitive pricing and scalable services offered by competitor companies can be a huge draw. With any customer, an managed service provider (MSP) must work hard to understand their business’ unique needs; however when dealing with SMBs, it is vital that the MSP invests considerable time in establishing a trusted, personal relationship with the customer, assuring them that they are equipped to support their current and future needs.

 Mike Cullen 2013 hi resWEB

Mike Cullen, VP – Worldwide Sales and Business Strategy, MSP, N-able by SolarWinds

There are a number of technical and business skills that a good MSP must have in its arsenal, however there are four vital things that the best MSPs do extremely well:

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Hidden Costs of Cloud IT Services

Aidan Simister describes the unwelcome hidden costs of cloud IT services

When they compare the cost of owning and managing their own infrastructure, It’s no wonder why businesses are moving their essential IT apps into the cloud. The costs includes buying servers, licensing software, hiring people to administer and paying for buildings and real estate, electricity and air conditioning—it makes sense to offload those costs in exchange for a predictable monthly fee.

There are other costs associated with cloud services, many businesses don’t even think about them until it’s too late—because once you’re learning the hard way, it’s often too much trouble to pivot to another provider.

That’s why you should know what to look for before you sign a contract.

Money on fire

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What's in The BOX

In what many are calling a market-defining event IPO, Box, a free-to-use consumer file sharing service created by a University of Southern California dropout  Aaron Levie, has  offered its shares for sale to the public Yesterday.

Money on  fire

It was forecast as a good first public outing  for BOX. It was speculated that the financial markets have regained their appetites for IT companies after a dismal 2014 where investors questioned if the bubble had burst again.

Box experienced considerable investor interest during its first day of trading. This IPO certainly is going to be interesting to market-watchers for a number of reasons.

Aaron Levie, Box's founder and CEO, was looking for £9 ($14) a share which will help to pay down the £318 ($483) million of debt Box has accumulated since it was founded.

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The Other Side-The Dark Side

The Dark Web is the part of the Internet that’s hidden and will not respond to a normal search engine. Using , ,,, to search, there are many more legitimate search engines. But the Dark web is only available to people who have taken the time to implement the Tor anonymity browser (TOR is an abbreviation for The Onion Router.)

Tor onionLge

I haven’t been to the dark web, but I am told it’s the place people go to if you want someone killed or damaged, you can find assassins, illegal drug, prostitution and other market places such as the famous Silk Road, where you can buy services and products using the Bitcoin currency and engage in other online activities that they would prefer to be hidden from the world.

The Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht will appear in court and is accused of running the billion-dollar online drug bazaar known as the Silk Road. After a year and 3 months, when FBI agents grabbed him in the science fiction section of a San Francisco library, he will answer for the allegations that he is the king pin behind the Silk Road. It will be interesting to see how the authorities can make this stick and a significant day for anyone who cares about crime, punishment and privacy.

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BOX Going For IPO Again

The WSJ has reported that after many months of delays, the initial public offering for online storage company Box is finally going to go ahead.

Launched in 2005 Net Box a Personal Content Management company, offered free storage for personal accounts.  Moving on to the enterprise market initially with a relatively small venture capital input, reportedly $350,000.

The company launched with Capital venture  plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange using the symbol “BOX”

If successful the planned IPO would value Box at more than $1.5 billion. The company said in its filing that it expects to receive about $134.3 million in net proceeds that it plans to use for general purposes.

In a typical IPO Bankers set a low price for the initial proposed IPO stock price range, and hope to raise the price to match investor demand.


Box has lowered its cost of acquisition to 97% 

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Neonella Oy brings virtual currency bitcoin as part of TV-content

Finnish IT company Neonella Oy (Ltd) is launching a service platform that enables the use of world's most famous virtual currency, bitcoins, as part of interactive advertising, for example in TV-programs. The service also makes bitcoin transactions possible from media companies or advertisers to consumers. Neonella is currently seeking funding for the platform through a crowdfunding campaign.

Online shopping or charity as part of TV-programs

The payment interface developed enables ordering of goods or services within video or TV programs. It is also possible to vote, donate and encourage the viewers to talk about their opinions as part of the content. The same technology works in internet marketing and banners as well as in TV- and video content.

BitCoin pressphoto WEB 20122014

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