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Inmarsat-5 F2 Successfully Deployed into Geostationary Orbit

With Inmarsat-5 F1 and F2, the third GX satellite, I-5 F3, scheduled to launch before the end of Q2 2015, this will complete the world’s first fully globally available Ka-band mobile broadband satellite network, through one provider

“These were the final deployments to be performed, signalling the last significant mission risk for the I-5 F2 spacecraft,” said Michele Franci, CTO, Inmarsat. “Once fully tested, the satellite will be moved into its final orbital location where it will become ready for commercial service. We’re very happy with how the mission has progressed and with preparation already underway for the Inmarsat-5 F3 (I-5 F3) launch and mission, we are even closer to turning GX into a truly global service.”

satellite-04-arianespace-launch5eca-WEB-resImage Arian Space Launch

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Death of the SatNav

Free sat nav app comes to a Windows Phone near you. Powered by Navmii. This No cost navigation app operates on Windows Phone platform. Offering Free navigation and crowd-sourced traffic, complwte with HD maps. Offering Points of Interest, fast navigation

Navmii is the developer of GPS navigation applications and location technologies. Headquartered in London United Kingdom, with offices in San Francisco and St Petersburg, Russia .

SAT-NAv phone image 1


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Triple play in Europe

Triple play services have become a commercial reality in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). For telecom operators, wanting to compete with cable and satellite TV operators, implementation of TV services has become a must.

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NBN Co Appoints IPSTAR as Wholesaler for Australian Internet Service Providers

New Satellite Support Scheme to provide up to an additional 9,000 Australian businesses and households with broadband services 

Thaicom an Asian satellite operator  have announced that the National Broadband Network  (NBN)  has selected its wholly owned subsidiary, IPSTAR Australia (IPA), for a new initiative to boost the number of broadband connections for Australians who cannot access an existing commercial broadband service. Under the NBN Co Satellite Support (NSS) Scheme, IPA is appointed an official wholesaler and will deliver the scheme together with participating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Australia.

Thaicom provides leading-edge solutions in telecommunication and satellite,  with a full spectrum of services.

They launched six satellites into orbit and have three satellites  in operation. Thaicom 5 and Thaicom 6 are a “Hot Bird” broadcasting satellite for Thailand and SE Asia, carraying almost 700 TV channels, covering  Thailand , SE Asia and Africa (by the name “Africom-1”).

Thaicom 4 (IPSTAR) is providing broadband services to 14 countries across the Asia-Pacific region, the Company has provided its solutions to many countries in the region to enable broadband connectivity everywhere, this also acts as  disaster recover  for communication networks in the region, covering  Japan, China and New Zealand.  It is expected  Thaicom 7 will be launched later this year to expand Thaicom’s servicing capacity and footprint in the regions.  Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the trade symbol  of “THCOM”


A nighttime rocket launch by Arianspace     

04 March 2013. Image courtesy of Arianespace

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BSkyB to receive IBC special award

BSkyB is to receive a special award at IBC 2010 for its initiative in launching the world’s first commercial stereoscopic 3D channel, Sky 3D. To do this it has tackled a huge number of challenges in a very short space of time.

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BBC Streaming in Ultra High-Definition TV

Three World Cup football matches played in Brazil this summer were streamed in ultra high-definition (UHD) by the BBC.  The format, also known as 4K, offers four times the resolution of 1080p high definition video. The matches  including the final  marked one of the first times a live event has been streamed over the air in UHD in the UK.

It is hoped that this will pave the way for more widespread use of the technology. One of the biggest challenges of distributing UHD TV to the home is how to make it compatible with existing broadcast and broadband capacities.

Users need speeds of around 20Mbps (megabits per second) in order to watch 4K content without glitches. The next step  will be a trial of live broadcasting over 4G, Ultra HD and 3D audio and will be seen as part of a BBC R&D showcase in Glasgow, timed to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, which is being staged in the city.


A range of UHD TVs were shown off at tech show CES this year

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Global pay-TV revenue approaching $58 billion

Global pay-TV service revenue approached $58 billion (€45.1 billion) at the end of 2Q 2010.

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Empowering Service Providers to Engineer Cloud Intelligent Networks

According to Gartner’s forecast on Public Cloud Services , end-user spending on public cloud services is expected to record a compound annual growth rate of 17.7% from 2011 through 2016.


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Consumer spending on mobile broadcast TV $2.7 billion by 2013

Consumer spending on mobile broadcast TV to reach $2.7 billion by 2013, but revenues to be hit by free to air services, according to Juniper Research

      Active Image

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