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Biometric Kanguru Bio AES

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The most secure way to transport your data.
The Kanguru Bio AES uses a biometric sensor that will recognize up to 10 fingerprints or thumbprints and 256-bit AES encryption.

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Resellers of Email Management

How to make extra revenue through email management, we all know about anti-virus, spam-filters, Trojan horses and the uncountable amount of e-mails entering the daily inbox.

But do we have enough information on how to meet with the e-mail-management challenge?

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Dave Langhorn of AT&T to Drive Further Growth in the hub for AT&T

AT&T Inc. announced the appointment of Dave Langhorn as the new sales centre vice president for the U.K. Formerly director of sales, AT&T U.K., Langhorn will be responsible for managing the U.K. sales team and driving further growth for AT&T customers based in the U.K.
 He will spend his time between AT&T’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) headquarters in London and the company’s facilities in Redditch, Worcestershire, and will report directly to Tom Regent, AT&T’s head of EMEA. 
  “The U.K. is the hub for AT&T’s operations across EMEA, and, in 2008, we are looking to build on the successes gained in 2007,” Regent said. “Dave has been instrumental in driving growth in the U.K., one of the key territories in the EMEA region, and I am delighted that he is on board to lead this vital sales centre for AT&T.”

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PBX to Skype Gateway for European Passion Pictures to Cut Telecoms Costs for its International and Mobile Workers

VOSKY reseller has major result with European production company Passion Pictures.  They have installed a PBX-to-Skype Gateway from VoSKY in order to allow its international and mobile workers to benefit from lower Skype calling costs and to improve communications with its customers.

With offices in Paris and Australia, London-based Passion Pictures, one of Europe’s leading independent production companies producing award-winning films, commercials and music videos, installed the VoSKY Exchange 9140 to enable its mobile and international employees to be able to make, receive and transfer Internet-based Skype calls over its standard office phone systems for a fraction of the price of standard phone calls.
The VoSKY Exchange allows Passion Picture employees to dial into their UK-based PBX from abroad and mobile workers to dial in from any location and use any extension to make low-cost calls with Skype.
As well as cutting costs, a key advantage of the VoSKY Exchange is its ability to create a back-up to the conventional phone lines.  During an occasion when the company’s voice lines were down Passion Pictures employees were able to continue with business as usual by making calls over the Internet with Skype, this ensured business productivity was not affected.  
Paul Harlin, IT manager for Passion Pictures said: “We chose VoSKY’s Exchange as it is the only solution that can integrate Skype with conventional office telephony.  It was good to bring in a new system that integrated VOIP and the deployment couldn’t have been simpler.
“As well as enabling international and mobile workers to dial in and make low cost calls, the VoSKY Exchange has also been hugely beneficial to us from a business productivity point of view. When we took on the VoSKY system we were initially only looking at the cost savings it would bring us, we hadn’t expected it to also be a valuable back-up to our standard phone system - it was truly a great unexpected benefit.”
Passion Pictures found the VoSKY Exchange easy to install and integrate with their existing phone system.  There is no need to use headsets for Internet calls, because all inbound and outbound Skype calls are routed through users' regular desktop telephone handsets. The system will eventually be rolled-out to all employees, benefiting the whole company.
VoSKY Exchange is the only enterprise-grade PBX-to-Skype application gateway that has earned Skype certification, ensuring seamless interoperability with Skype features and services.  It is also the only product in its class that has been co-branded by Skype.


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Tom-Tom Selects Regenersis Romania for Pan-European Refurbishment Programme
TomTom, a world leading navigation solutions provider, has confirmed Regenersis as its preferred Pan-European refurbishment partner. The work will be carried out in the new Regenersis facility in Bucharest, Romania, which, by December 2008, will employ over 200 members of staff. 
This news follows on the heels of the recent confirmation that the Bucharest facility has been accredited by Sony Ericsson to support their mobile phone warranty repair programme. 
Regenersis already provides warranty and technical repair services to TomTom in the UK from its facility in Glenrothes, Fife.
Mark Hilton, After Sales Manager at TomTom said, “Regenersis are a proactive partner supporting us with a full programme of repair and refurbishment services.  We have been impressed with their work in the UK, and were equally impressed by the local management at the Bucharest facility. We believe the team in Bucharest are up to the challenge of supporting our European refurbishment programme and we look forward to working with them.”
Gary Stokes, Regenersis CEO said, “This is a significant win for Regenersis and clearly demonstrates that our focus on delivering outstanding customer service to our global customer base is yielding positive results.” 
About Regenersis
Regenersis is a leading provider of managed services to many of the world’s premier brands. The company supports the entire product lifecycle, from original design input, pre-sales testing, local customization and configuration through to field support activities that include technical assistance as well as product repair, replacement and refurbishment programmes.
At the end of the product’s life the Company will take it back and, where appropriate, match it to a need in a secondary market, thereby extending the life of the product while creating value for our clients. If it is beyond use, Regenersis ensures it is safely recycled.
In six months ending 31 December 2007, Group revenue increased by 42% to £55.0m and headline profit increased to £2.8m.
About TomTom
TomTom NV is a world leading navigation solution provider. TomTom's products are developed with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use, safety and value. 

 TomTom's products include all-in-one navigation devices which enable customers to navigate right out of the box; these are the award-winning TomTom GO family, the TomTom ONE XL and TomTom ONE ranges and the TomTom RIDER. Additionally, independent research proves that TomTom products have a significant positive effect on driving and road safety.

* TomTom offers a portfolio of content and services for TomTom’s navigation products, which are easily available through TomTom HOME. 

* TomTom also provides navigation software products that integrate with third party devices; the TomTom NAVIGATOR software for PDAs and smartphones. 

* TomTom WORK combines industry leading communication and smart navigation technology with leading edge tracking and tracing expertise. 

TomTom’s products are sold through a network of leading retailers in 30 countries and online. TomTom was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. TomTom is listed at Euronext, Amsterdam Stock Exchange in The Netherlands.

Sony's new entry-level projectors

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Cutting-edge inorganic LCD technology for Sony's new entry-level projectors with 5 years PrimeSupport
In Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Combining functional and aesthetic design, the four new E-Series projectors are targeted at the education and business market and include a WXGA flagship model.
With the new E-Series multi-use business projectors, Sony incorporates state-of-the-art BrightEra™ 3-LCD technology into affordable entry-level projectors for the first time. The new line-up now includes Sony's first high-brightness, 2500 ANSI lumen model in the under-3kg weight category (VPL-EX50) as well as Sony's first native 1280 x 800 WXGA entry-level projector (VPL-EW5), which follows the trend to widescreen laptops and 16:9 video sources.

BrightEra™ 3-LCD technology, which has had a transformative effect on the capacities of Sony's installation projectors, is now incorporated in three of the new E-Series models. The innovative projection system offers unparalleled picture quality and high brightness, while the inorganic LCD alignment layer offers greatly increased panel life and colour stability as UV light can pass freely through the LCD panels.

The functional design of the new E-Series projectors makes their setup quick and easy. An 8-degree tilt angle design creates an optical shift so that it is not always required to adjust the projector's height upwards, and short projection distances help cope with limited space in classrooms or small conference rooms. Automatic V keystone correction, as well as "Quick Start" and "Off&Go" technology, also help save valuable time

Robert Meakin, Product Manager for Sony Professional Solutions Europe, comments, “In an industry first, Sony is able to offer the unparalleled picture quality of BrightEra™ 3-LCD technology in an entry-level business projector. The competitively priced E-Series range uses the best technology available today to address key requirements in the business and education projector market. We also anticipate the flagship VPL-EW5 model to be successful for home entertainment due to its WXGA resolution.”

BrightEra™ 3-LCD technology is a feature of the VPL-EW5/EX50/EX5, giving them outstanding brightness of 2500lm (EX50) and 2000lm (EW5/EX5), and a contrast ratio of 900:1 (EX50/EX5) and 700:1 (EW5). 5 years PrimeSupport
From 15 April to 31 July 2008, end users purchasing the VPL-EX5, VPL-EX50 or VPL-EW5 projectors are entitled to an additional 2 years PrimeSupport cover – (in addition to the standard 3 year cover). To activate the 5 year cover, end users must register here before 31 October 2008. After 31 October 2008, the cover duration will revert back to the standard 3 Year PrimeSupport cover.

For full terms and conditions of this promotion, please click here.

For terms & conditions of the PrimeSupport programme, please refer to the onbox PrimeSupport registration card or click here. If you have any queries, please call our multi-lingual helpdesk on +44(0) 1256 683850.
The flagship VPL-EW5 has an HDMI input which makes it HD ready, and a power consumption in standby mode of less than 3W, the lowest in its class.

The E-Series range also incorporates a variety of interfaces, such as a second RGB input for multi-PC connectivity (VPL-EX50), and RS232C for control of external devices (VPL-EX5/EX50/EW5. Also available is the SVGA VPL-ES5 projector which is the most affordable of the new E Series range. While not utilising BrightEra™ technology, it offers all the simple set-up, security and built-in design features as other models in the range and provides exceptional brightness to 2,000 lumens at SVGA 800x600 resolution
5 years PrimeSupport
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Honeywell 3200 Linear Imager

Honeywell 3200 Linear Imager

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3200 linear imager from Honeywell Imaging and Mobility (formerly Hand Held Products) provides quality scanning performance and ergonomic design at an affordable price. It is an entry-level barcode scanner designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including point-of-sale, manufacturing work-in-process and document processing.
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+31 40 2901600

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Honeywell Imaging and Mobility (formerly Hand Held Products) is a leading manufacturer of image-based data collection applications. The company’s product offering includes mobile computers, handheld barcode scanners, image kiosks, barcode verification devices and image engines powered by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology. For more information visit

Telefonica O2 Czech Republic selects Comverse for Mobile ICQ Instant Messaging

  Telefonica O2 Czech Republic selects Comverse for Mobile ICQ Instant Messaging
  Comverse, a supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communication and billing services, today announced that Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, a Telefonica  company, has selected Comverse Mobile Instant Messaging to enable its five million users to enjoy mobile IM with the ICQ community on their mobile handsets.  

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VOIP resellers from Italy

The benefits of software IP telephony for business
Editalia, based in Rome was established in 1952 during the reconstruction years after the Second World War. Its mission from the outset was to restore the cultural heritage of Italy. The company took art as a vehicle to keep in contact with Italy’s roots. Editalia has since expanded and presents a vast collection of original work by the most prestigious contemporary Italian artists, whose personalities have left a clear mark on the 20th century and beyond. Telecommunications is not only important for internal communications but is essential for a functional and complete marketing instrument that is vital to the business’s success.Editalia undertakes many telemarketing campaigns in-house to obtain leads that are then in turn transferred to appropriate representatives. The marketing and sales departments work exclusively on the phone, whether it is for outbound or inbound calls. The telephone is therefore a crucial and integral element of the business throughout the working day.

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Say goodbye to high costs for conventional telecommunications systems. Don't pay double for telecom and internet services. Say hello to Voice-over-IP and make use of the technology with which data and speech are transferred simultaneously and for which separate telephone cabling is no longer necessary.  
  The benefits speak for themselves:  Vastly cheaper telephone charges: Save up to 80%. Particularly beneficial for internal communication and foreign calls.

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Sony LCD Master Monitor

Sony Unveils Next Generation of LCD Master Monitoring Technology

New 42-inch BVM-L Display Expands the Benefits of TRIMASTER Technology to New Application
Sony is expanding its BVM-L Series of LCD master monitors with the new BVM-L420, a 42-inch display (viewable area measured diagonally.  The display’s larger size and design enhancements make it ideal for a wide range of video applications that require critical monitoring such as high-end post production, telecine, colour grading and digital intermediate work.

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