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Thin clients assist business in battle to reduce carbon footprint

 CO2 emissions reduced by 166,000 tonnes in Western Europe during 2007

 Thin clients are helping business in the battle against global warming, IGEL Technology reported today. The choice of thin clients over PCs on the business desktop has reduced CO2 emissions in Western Europe by 166,000 tonnes in 2007 - equivalent to the emissions of more than 540 return flights from London to New York.

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25 year Warranty for distributors, resellers & System Integrators

25 Year warranty offered by German cable and components company for distributors, resellers & system Integrators

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Hammer: Staying ahead by staying first

Hammer: Staying ahead by staying first Hammer is a leading specialist storage distributor, with 15 years’ experience and a portfolio featuring world-leading storage brands.  The company’s storage focus has never been diluted, nor has it diversified beyond its core storage business - a simple and highly successful strategy. With a focused portfolio, Hammer has a proactive approach to developing business and provides real value for its vendors and customers alike.  As a result,the company has ‘No 1 distributor’ status with over 90% of its vendors and regularly receive awards for achievement.  Hammer’s commitment to the channel has been defined by six guiding principles:
1.  Dedication
At every stage of the sales cycle, Hammer goes the ‘extra mile’.  As the leading specialist storage distributor in Europe, Hammer provides an end-to-end storage portfolio of unrivalled quality.  It offers more than 1,000 first-class products and solutions from world-leading manufacturers – providing the best solution, whatever the storage requirement.

2.  Innovation

Hammer continues to be the first to bring new products and solutions to market.  Most recently, Hammer has been instrumental in making ILM solutions available to the mass market, for example, and via new V2 partnerships (including vendors such as Microsoft, OnStor and Dot Hill) offers profitable, cost-effective alternatives to major branded solutions.

3.  Partnerships

Hammer’s current partnerships range from sole traders to IT giants, niche players to system integrators and corporate resellers.  Every partner receives the support appropriate to their needs, whether it is pre-sales support, technical and consultancy services, training, demonstration facilities or marketing assistance.

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ICT systems and VoIP VPN Gateway

Funkwerk  host of new features to ICT systems and VoIP VPN Gateway

Funkwerk Enterprise Communications (FEC) has given its elmeg ICT series and   VoIP/VPN gateway a wide range of new features and functionality. The latest 7.3 firmware release further strengthens FEC's position in the growing Voice over IP (VoIP) and Voice over Virtual Private Network (VPN) markets and provides ongoing future-proofing for elmeg telecommunications systems.

The new firmware extension supports further SIP VoIP service providers and increases the number of VPN connections from 5 to 10. Extended status and diagnostic features include instant display of phone sets logged on to the PBX for the user to see at a glance along with all registered SIP providers. And in addition to the automated codec selection for VoIP connections, the new release also supports individual pre-settings, which is particularly useful for IP systems phones used in home offices with limited bandwidth. Another innovative feature is the TAPI support for IP systems phones, which can now also dial directly from PC applications.

A major increase in the number of extensions for connecting analogue leased lines (FXO) was implemented specially for the UK and other international markets.

Moreover, this latest release enables the ICT systems to support call-through dial-in and call-through, by using internal settings and connected leased lines. Up to 10 different call numbers can be configured for call-through. The authorisation to use these features is validated via PIN input and the identification of the incoming, transferred call number. This option is ideal for field service staff and offers users cost savings by the utilizing favourable tariffs for ICT leased lines.

Hewlett-Packard Certifies DocuWare 5.1 for HP Backend Solution

Hewlett-Packard Certifies DocuWare 5.1 for HP Backend Solution

A Secure Connection  Germering, July 31, 2007 – Hewlett-Packard has thoroughly tested and certified the integration of its storage management solution, HP StorageWorks File System Extender, in DocuWare 5.1.

This integrated solution manages automatic storage – even of large quantities of data – in central storage systems. The Document volume in companies is growing explosively. Systems for secure, long-term archiving that are also easy to install and administer are in high demand. A big advantage of the DocuWare document management system is its simple integration thanks to standardized interfaces for a wide variety of applications.

Now Hewlett-Packard has successfully tested and certified the integration of its storage management solution, HP StorageWorks File System Extender, in DocuWare 5.1.With HP StorageWorks File System Extender (FSE) Version 3.4, Hewlett-Packard is providing software that for storage management that is both easy to use and reasonably priced. This backend solution supports both disk and tape storage media as well as the most popular backup and recovery programs. It can handle up to several hundred million files.

Data can be automatically copied from hard disk to hard disk; even parallel copying is possible. In conjunction with the DocuWare document management system, users get a solution for long-term archiving that is strong enough to administer even large quantities of data in central storage systems. About Hewlett-PackardHP focuses on simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers – from individual consumers to the largest businesses.

With a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP is among the world’s largest IT companies, with revenue totaling $97.1 billion for the four fiscal quarters ended April 30, 2007. More information about HP (NYSE, Nasdaq: HPQ) is available at DocuWare – The CompanyFounded in 1988, DocuWare has over 6,000 installations with tens of thousands of users in over 50 countries.  DocuWare offers a scalable solution that can expand enterprise-wide.  Over 400 Authorized DocuWare Partners make up a worldwide independent reseller network, employing over 1000 DocuWare experts who bring DocuWare close to its customers.

DocuWare AG is based in Germering near Munich, Germany.  The company’s US subsidiary, DocuWare Corporation, is located in Newburgh, New York and is responsible for all activities in North, Central and South America.  DocuWare Ltd., its subsidiary in London, handles all activities for Great Britain and Ireland. DocuWare España located in Barcelona is responsible for the market in Spain. DocuWare – Software for Integrated Document Management DocuWare is an integrated document management solution that can automate business processes by managing any type of document, regardless of format or source, in a central document pool – for example paper records, letters, faxes, drawings, PC and other electronic files including e-mail.  DocuWare supports all forms of electronic signatures.  Integrated records management ensures that all access is secure, controlled, and logged. Using the Internet, the central document pool is available around the clock to any authorized user, no matter where they are located in the world.  A wide range of customizable DocuWare add-on modules equip DocuWare for, among other things, automatic indexing, COLD applications and enhanced workflow features.  Other software applications are easily integrated with a set of standard tools.

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