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AMD Announce 6th Generation A-Series APUs – Carrizo.

Carrizo will be the most advanced APU AMD has brought to the market, offering better performance and better efficiency than ever before, perfect for users who enjoy content on the go.


As technology has evolved, the desire to access and enjoy TV and Video on the move has increased. As a result, more viewers are watching On Demand content online. A recent study from ARRIS of 10,500 people in 19 countries found that 56% used a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet to do something related to the TV programme they were watching.

Another study by TNS Global of more than 55,000 internet users worldwide, revealed than more than a quarter of those surveyed used a PC, laptop or mobile daily to stream content.

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European Commission - Fact Sheet

New brief released from Brussels, on the 6th May 2015 entitled Digital Single Market Strategy

Questions and Answers - Digital Single Market Strategy and VAT

The new EU VAT rules will affect online businesses which have customers in the 28 member states. These new rules will give an even playing field for SME’s and small businesses.

 Euro-COM LOGO NEW1        3-Person-ConferenceWEB

Entrepreneurs are more willing to set up businesses online as it is relatively a low set-up costs and the new tax could be a problem for UK start-ups as it requires additional resources and effort to re-configure their eCommerce systems.

 Companies young, old, reseller, dealer and corporate vendor and cloud MSP  may need to comply with the tax rates for each EU member state, if they do not join the Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS).

SMEs and start-ups

- Clearer rules to sell cross-border and scale-up businesses in a market of more than 500 million consumers

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Google Knows You're a Dog

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" was the caption on a famous cartoon by Peter Steiner published in The New Yorker in 1993. It encapsulated a belief that persists to this day — that you can hide your true identity on the Internet. However, it is increasingly harder for anyone to hide their identity. We all give up data about ourselves of varying degrees of sensitivity in return for using "free" services. Few people realise just how much data that they have given up — whether knowingly by supplying it when asked, or unknowingly by having their activity tracked by the services they use.


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IT and Enterprise Themes will Dominate at MWC

Mobile World Congress  Analyst Mark Newman gives his Opinion

IT and enterprise themes will dominate at MWC


For the first 30 years of its life, mobile communications felt like a standalone industry with its own technology, services, vendors, and service providers. A select group of telecoms vendors created the technology road-map and vision; a relatively small number of investors and operators captured the most lucrative licenses to build and operate mobile networks; and a few European, US, and Asian vendors controlled the mobile phone sector.

The Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona next week, will highlight just how quickly the technology and services landscape is starting to change. It will mark a further shift in the evolution of mobile communications from a sector in its own right to a service and a capability which other companies in other sectors – banking, enterprise technology and software, and digital media to name just a few – can use to deliver improved services to their own customers.

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The $1 Billion Bank Heist

A Cyber gang has stolen from 100 institutions in an unprecedented robbery

A criminal cyber gang has stolen as much as $1 billion (£650 million) from up to 100 financial institutions over a period of about two years, a computer security company said yesterday.

The gang – dubbed “Carbanak” by Russian security company Kaspersky – has been stealing directly from banks rather than posing as customers to withdraw money in the biggest cyber heist to date.

Kaspersky said it was working with Interpol, Europol and authorities from different countries to uncover details on what is described as “an unprecedented robbery” on banks around the world.

Coins ONFone

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