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Friday, Aug 17th

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Some Examples of Malware

These are some examples of malware that would be most damaging to your business:

Viruses: A kind of self-replicating software that will eventually slow down and cripple your computer systems which will inevitably destroy or alter data held on them.

Spyware: This is one of the most dangerous ones. This software will spy on the user’s activity which will capture the information if they enter any of the business’ passwords, account information or any other private information. A ‘keylogger’ records what is types and sends it back to the criminal.

Ransomware: Ransomware is slowly becoming one of the biggest and most notorious types of malware. Ransomware locks down your computers so they are completely unusable. Then, the criminals demand that a fee is paid (in cash and more recently in Bitcoin) in order for the computers to be released.

European data prices as low as $0.011/2.5 per MB

UK based Mobile Network Operator in collaboration with European Reseller announced today that they have completed a deal which provides incredibly low mobile data prices around the world.

The agreement with a new donor IMSI supplier gives us access to wholesale roaming data prices at a fraction of the current EU regulated wholesale caps. Not limited to the EU, the prices on key destinations such as Australia, USA, New Zealand, Russia and Turkey are also drastically reduced. We now plan to offer these wholesale prices to our white label partners who can resell to their subscribers at a substantial profit. The company also offer wholesale data bundles, something that previous costs did not allow. The bundles are not limited to the EU, but include many other countries. The service can be provided as data only or one that also supports full voice and SMS. This product is based on the very cheap pricing.


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Vogel's Accuires Marmitek

Vogel's®, a  market player in TV mounts and supports, has announcing its acquisition of the Dutch company Marmitek BV, which develops smart applications for audio and video. With this acquisition, Vogel's aim is to position itself more centrally as a specialist in product-based solutions to provide sound and vision products for the home and the professional market.


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The Impact of Drones on the UK Economy


Skies without limits

A look at how drones will impact the UK’s economy, jobs, productivity and quality of life

The growing use of drones in UK airspace is a source of both huge excitement and apprehension.

Drone-AdobeWEBStock 167480377

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Re-fueling (charging) Drones, Mid Mission


SkyX,  a Canadian producer of long-range unmanned aerial monitoring, has announced the successful delivery and installation of its first production xStation, a unit that remotely recharges  drones during missions – this could well be a “Game changer”  and key milestone in the company’s evolution.


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