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The Need for Speed Rapid Enterprise Flash Growth

Rapid Enterprise Flash Growth

Flash-based SSDs are certainly not new, but their presence in the datacenter is increasing at a rapid pace. Enterprise revenues for SSDs two years ago were $592 million. They're now on pace to top $6.5 billion next year, according to a report by Objective Analysis. That's a hefty 43 percent compounded annual growth rate.

The vastly improved performance of flash over disk comes from lower latency and the ability of SSDs to transact many times more IOPS ( Input/Output Operations Per Second) than possible on disks, which are bound by the physics of the spinning mechanical drives. Most experts say flash storage performs 10 times faster than traditional hard drives found in servers and storage arrays.



Recently HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), a well known  producer of enterprise storage solutions, started shipping a milestone in Storage Innovation. A disc sealed with Helium, the Ultrastar He6, first announced in November 2013.

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Rackspace Claims Latest Datacentre is Most Sustainable in UK

Rackspace, a multinational cloud computing company, has opened its latest UK Datacentre in Crawley, West Sussex, South East England in the shadow of Gatwick airport.

The data centre, designed with Digital Realty, has been designed to meet compatibility and compliance standards in line with the Open Compute Project. The site spans 15 acres, with 130,000 sq.ft of data centre space, enough for 50,000 servers.

It seems that Crawley was chosen as the home for the new facility as it is an easy location to supply with power, which the company added was an “absolute critical” factor to consider when placing a datacentre.


“It's a good route for fibre which presents good opportunities to link fibre between other properties in the sector; a combination of power, fibre and cycle real estate with planning that allows us to develop a datacentre,” said Rackspace at the official launch.

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Fast Growing Cloud and Datacentre

Michael Hogan joins the UKFast team as Financial Director alongside Nicola Frost, Head of Legal, who joined the hosting provider last month ahead of its ambitious growth plans.

UKFast CEO, Lawrence Jones MBE, said: "I first met Michael when he made an offer to acquire UKFast back in 2009. He impressed me and I kept my eye on his progress."

 "A rather successful entrepreneur and friend of mine said, ‘Keep in touch with people, they grow just like you do. If you get the opportunity to employ them in the future, great. If not, you end up with friends in high places’.michaelhoganpressWEB

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Fujitsu to Open Third Datacentre in Singapore

Fujitsu will set up a third datacentre in Singapore to meet increasing demand for cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The datacentre, hosted in Equinix’s western Singapore facility, will host Fujitsu’s portfolio of cloudservices and offer a number of new connectivity features. The company said it chose to add another datacentre in Singapore because of its strategic location and attractiveness to large multinational firms in the region. It already operates over 100 worldwide.

Fujistu equinix-singapore-300x225

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The World’s First Climate Positive Data Centre

In the city of Falun, Sweden, the world’s first climate positive data centre is now being built. The initiator of EcoDataCenter is the energy company Falu Energi & Vatten in collaboration with the entrepreneurial company EcoDC AB. Schneider Electric will supply technology that will deliver energy efficient solutions and products to the project.

Information and Communications Technology is emerging as a new target area in terms of energy efficiency. The ICT sector alone consumes up to 10 percent of the world’s electricity. This reflects the growing cost of powering data centres, the global backbone of the Internet and the cloud. A single data centre can easily use more electricity than a mid-sized town. A large part of this energy is never used, but simply released as heat into the atmosphere, contributing to global and local warming. There are currently over three million data centres globally. According to several reports the combined carbon dioxide emissions from these data centres are expected to exceed the emissions from the entire airline industry in only five years.

Sweden has proven to be an excellent and safe location for data centres due to its cold climate, reliable and renewable energy sources, political stability and lack of natural disasters.

 EcoDataCenter SWECO Architects WEB 01


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Hitachi Data Systems placed Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, today announced that Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 with Hitachi Accelerated Flash achieved an SPC-1 Result that dramatically exceeded any prior submission of the real-world emulating SPC-1 benchmark – piercing the two million SPC-1 IOPS ceiling for the first time.

Built specifically for the most demanding enterprise-class workloads in both standalone and converged environments, the Hitachi VSP G1000 all-flash configuration allows organisations to maximize return on their investments in flash technology while accelerating application performance, maximizing server virtualization environments, and enabling extreme-performance private cloud deployments.

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IDC have Predicted a Halt to Global Datacentres Growth by 2017

The total number of global datacentres will peak at 8.6mn in 2017 before beginning a slow decline, an IDC forecast claims.

According to IDC the decrease will be brought about by a steady migration from small on-site facilities to ‘mega datacentres’ managed and operated by large service providers.

However, the total worldwide space occupied by datacentres will continue to rise, jumping from 1.58bn square feet in 2013, to 1.94bn square feet in 2018.

The change will be fuelled by a realignment of corporate datacentre priorities. Once used for operational support, the datacentre is increasingly used by businesses to trial new strategies, develop products, gain insight and improve customer relations.

These needs require that datacentres reliably deliver large and complex transactions and analytic capacity, which in-house infrastructure is unable to achieve.

Schneider-Unit R10 WEBUse Keycode53069P

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IBM Determined to be Part of the Growth of Datacentres

Big Blue (IBM) is determined to be part of the growth of datacentres and appears to be reorganising its structure to maximise the cloud opportunity. IBM was the life work of 2 Americans, having evolved from NCR and CTR, being started by Thomas J. Watson and Charles Ranlett Flint on June 16, 1911 nearly 104 years ago.

Thomas John Watson Sr, Born February 17, 1874 was an American businessman, he served as the chairman and CEO of International Business Machines and oversaw the company's growth into an international force from 1914 to 1956.

networ web kingwired


See Charles Babbages computer

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Merlin Datacentre Using Schneider Electric

This new custom built, modular data centre will provide Capgemini with a sustainable, flexible, high-density solution. Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services and will utilise Schneider Electric prefabricated modular data centre infrastructure to upgrade the IT, power and cooling capacity of its Merlin facility.

Paul Feeney, of Capgemini said, “Modular infrastructure allows us to align the requirements we have for high density, flexible racking, and energy efficiency. This makes prefab a more sustainable solution going forward.”

solutions 430 architecture Web 201822

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IBM expanded in Middle East and Africa

Following last weeks rumours that IBM were slashing staff, now IBM opens a Digital Sales Centre in Cairo, Egypt, Africa.

IBM Opens Office In Cairo


The centre, which represents a $3 million investment by IBM, will have a specialised IT sales force that works with IBM clients in 70 countries using digital and social platforms.

This is the sixth IBM facility in Egypt, but the first IBM digital centre of this kind in the region It is part of a collaboration agreement between IBM and the Egyptian Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

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Stulz Water Cooling with Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies an innovative containment system provider,  has partnered with cooling solutions provider, Stulz, to develop  of new data centre climate control technology for use in national security and extreme operations.

The two companies already cooperate worldwide on both water cooled data centre and DX outdoor enclosure cooling systems. This latest collaboration came about after Cannon Technologies was commissioned by the UK Government to develop a flexible, highly efficient, transportable data centre solution that could be easily and rapidly deployed in various environmental conditions – from desert and tropical to arctic and maritime – with virtually no prior preparation and almost instant operation.

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Finning Launches New Distribution Agreement with BASELAYER

By partnering with Baslayer, Finning can now distribute data centre modular technology wherever and whenever customers need it, indoors or outdoors, on or off the utility grid. 

Cloud Expo Europe / Data Centre World  Visitors can visit European Reseller and Base Layer on stand C50 at the show can learn more about the Baselayer data centre modules, which are built using lean manufacturing principles and integrated with a robust data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tool to deliver visibility and control. This combination enables companies to deploy a data centre at any location and analyse performance metrics across the entire infrastructure and IT equipment. 


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Baltic Data Centre Fastest Growth Claim

 DEAC a Baltic DataCentre based in Latvia, recorded the highest turnover (To date) for the company last year

This trend seems to be continuing this year. Claiming to be the fastest growing company in the Baltic ICT market DEAC has a Planned roll out of services into the US, UK and German markets.

The turnover growth had risen by 64%, compared to the previous year, when the company turnover was 5 million euro. Due to increased demand for IT outsourcing services, DEAC has successfully tripled its turnover within the last four years. However there is growing interest in Slovinia and other Eastern European countries.

DEAC implemented the project DEAC External Marketing Activities, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The aim of the project was to promote services in Russia, the United Kingdom, USA, Monaco and the Netherlands provided by DEAC, the leading data center operator in the Baltics.


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