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Monday, Jun 17th

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ShellShock, WireLurker, Drupal, the list goes on

In the last few months we've seen a deluge of zero-day vulnerability disclosures - ShellShock, WireLurker, Drupal, the list goes on. While it’s vital that these bugs are discovered and organisations warned of the risks, making sure they're subsequently patched is often easier said than done. Microsoft Azure is a case in point as, last week, it suffered global system outages caused by a glitch in a performance update to its cloud storage money WEB2o6ji

First e-commerce Sale

It’s 20 years to the day, since NetMarket claimed they conducted the very first secure retail transaction via the internet (on the cloud although it wasnt called that) - the sale of the Album “Ten Summer’s Tales” by Sting. It’s contentious whether this really was the first secure transaction via the web, but it’s the event which the media remembers as ‘the one’.. This set the stage for the development of ecommerce and online shopping to the level we know today. The rest is fluffy and history!

Here’s a brief timeline of the major shifts and developments in ecommerce or the use of the cloud ( for selling) and the opportunities offered in logistics and vendors and resellers over the past 20 years:


The channel that has emerged around selling on line.

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De Vere Group moves into the Cloud

DE VERE GROUP, one of the UK’s leading independent hotel and hospitality chains have signed a multi-million deal (over 3 years) with Manchester based ANS Group to move their corporate ‘backend’ into the Cloud.

It is believed that De Vere are the UK’s first leading independent hotel group to move it’s corporate IT infrastructure into the Cloud.

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Dutch & UK Offer Customers International Connectivity

Kaia Global Networks & EvoSwitch to Offer Customers International Connectivity

Co-location, IP Transit Service in Europe and the US

A new collaboration between the Dutch company EvoSwitch & Kaia Global Networks this Latest partnership enables Netherlands customers to have direct access to all leading Internet Exchanges, World Class IP Transit and International network connectivity. Through this partnership, Kaia Global Networks is focused on delivering industry-leading solutions to EvoSwitch customers to support its backbone networks and to give access to their customers to the fastest, most secure and most reliable network.

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Swivel Secure offering to Channel Partners

Swivel Secure Introduces flexible pricing for channel partners, shortens platform release cycle

 Swivel Secure, a tokenless authentication technology company has announces a number of operational changes that will deliver greater agility in its engagement with both customers and channel partners, Including month-by-month flexibility on pricing.

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