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Self-Learning Electric Radiator – which knows when you’re coming home!

Self-Learning Electric Radiator – which knows when you’re coming home!

UK based e-tailer Electric Radiators Direct have announced the release of the all new Haverland Smartwave; an intelligent, adaptable electric radiator range which uses advanced motion sensor technology in order to learn your weekly routine and revolutionise the way you control your heating to conserve energy.

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7.5 Million New or Updated Web Pages Created Every Day

With over 7.5 million new or updated Web pages being created every day and Google, Jeeves, Bing to name a few search engines - are indexing at least 1.3 Trillion URLs.datatunnelWEB

First and second generation Web filters relying solely on URL lists and keyword scanning are now obsolete and no longer provide the real-time protection organisations require to manage the risks presented by the Web. It may be employee productivity being reduced as a result of personal Web browsing, viewing face book, Gmail, WhatsAPP etc. with malware being delivered onto the network by seemingly “safe” sites, or users viewing inappropriate content, the Internet can present real risks to organisations. That’s why you need a dynamic Web filtering solution with genuine real-time content analysis which can effectively address these risks.

Redstor, UK Cloud and Data Protection Solution Growth

Redstor a provider of cloud services and data protection solutions to the UK public and private sector markets, has recently announced its continued success throughout 2014.

As well as an increase in revenue, the company has enjoyed a substantial growth in its customer base over the past year within both the public and private sector markets. Redstor has also expanded its team including significant investment in its sales team, with the aim of uncovering further customer opportunities.

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Mobile App Adoption Is Maturing, Demand is Falling

App Providers Must Focus on Retention Strategies to Ensure Relevance in the App Marketplace, Analysts need to Explore the Design, Development and Delivery of Mobile Applications in the Enterprise. Come sand visit to learn more sat the

Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2015, 18-19 May in London, UK

The mobile apps marketplace is maturing as users declare themselves satisfied with current engagement rates, according to a survey by Gartner. As users integrate apps more deeply into their lives, app providers will need to stay one step ahead and focus their development, marketing and branding more intensely toward retention strategies.

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Emerging Payments Association (EPA). Growth

David Hunter of UKash, elected following a poll amongst member companies of EPA, to join the advisory board

The EPA was set up by a group of companies and individuals to represent those in emerging payments who wanted to shape their future. Current challenges being addressed by the group include:

• Creating a global hotspot for payments innovation in the UK
• Ensuring an innovation-friendly regulatory regime
• Enabling direct access to clearing and settlement at the Bank of England

MoneyGlobe on  fire

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