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European Reseller discusses why e-mail management matters

We all know about and have learnt enough about anti-virus, spam-filters, Trojan horses and the uncountable amount of e-mails entering the daily inbox. But do we have enough information on how to meet with the e-mail-management challenge?

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The benefits of software IP telephony for business

BUSINESS BACKGROUND  & Channel desires

Editalia, based in Rome was established in 1952 during the reconstruction years after the Second World War. Its mission from the outset was to restore the cultural heritage of Italy. The company took art as a vehicle to keep in contact with Italy’s roots. Editalia has since expanded and presents a vast collection of original work by the most prestigious contemporary Italian artists, whose personalities have left a clear mark on the 20th century and beyond. Telecommunications is not only important for internal communications but is essential for a functional and complete marketing instrument that is vital to the business’s success.Editalia undertakes many telemarketing campaigns in-house to obtain leads that are then in turn transferred to appropriate representatives. The marketing and sales departments work exclusively on the phone, whether it is for outbound or inbound calls. The telephone is therefore a crucial and integral element of the business throughout the working day.


Editalia last upgraded their phone system three years ago, but at best it was regarded as a “traditional” system, which offered few features readily available in modern and was not conducive for a telephone centric environment. With the business expanding to more than 160 people, Editalia thought it necessary to streamline their general working processes as well as their business tools. A complete integration between the CRM platform and an IP telephone system was therefore a fundamental organisational need and became a primary focus. They needed a telephone product that would enable them to enhance their communications that would mean never missing a call and seamlessly transferring calls throughout the site.


VOIspeed proved it was more focused on innovation it offered a product that was both advanced and future-poof. During the development phase of the project, Editalia were shown the many new features that their different departments could benefit from. The integration of the CRM platform along with the technology of VOIspeed was the most complete solution in terms of functionality and which also offered the best service assistance. The entire CRM project took about two years to complete. However, the telephony part of the solution involving VOIspeed was implemented in the matter of a single day. Different departments make use of the diverse products VOIspeed have on offer - the phone operators use the USB BI-aurali headsets, while the majority of the other employees use a USB system that is connected to their computer, which operates with the built-in Soft Phone (Client Software powered by VOIspeed). Other internal areas, such as the conference room, operate through an IP terminal.


Editalia as a company is constantly evolving so they needed a product that would adapt with that change rather than impede it. The flexibility of the many features available with the VOIspeed solution has allowed employees to personalise the entire system to their needs, as they in turn change. With the VOIspeed IP phones, every user can record any one of their calls, both outgoing and incoming, at a touch of a button. This has proved to be an invaluable tool for both training and for keeping up with recent legal requirements. Furthermore implementing a conference call with more than two people has become almost second nature, when before, with the previous system, it was virtually impossible.

Customer Quote

We would definitely recommend the complete IP telephone solution we have received from VOIspeed to other businesses. The new integrated system was well beyond our original expectations, in terms of features and quality of service and has allowed us to get even more than we initially anticipated from a telephone system.

Asentria remote site monitoring MSP

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Becoming an authorized Asentria reseller provides you with an opportunity to partner with the leader in TeleManagement and Remote Site Management solutions,

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