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Tuesday, Apr 16th

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Ofcoms report

Business online usage is radically changing work/life practices as Ofcom report shows 240% increase in mobile data use

August 2010  Oftcom's latest report highlights that the average Briton spends almost half of their waking life using media and communications, the reality in the business world is even more stark. 

The report states that the number of people using their phones to surf the web currently stands at 13.5 million in the UK, which has almost tripled since 2008, when the figure stood at 5.7million, but Piers Linney, joint CEO of the UKs unified communications and Cloud computing company, Outsourcery which represents 10,000 SMEs across the UK, believes that the figures are far higher than that and quotes 10-12 hours.

Linney said, "The very nature of work is changing for good and is being driven by innovative technologies.  Our experience is that business users spend much more than the 7-9 hours indicated in the report and find it is nearer to 10-12.  The rapid adoption and widespread availability of smartphones to all levels of personnel from senior to junior, coupled with technologies such as Cloud computing are driving the convergence of work and home life, allowing people to access work documents and colleagues at any time of the day.  To a large extent this trend has also been fuelled by the recession as it helps personnel stay on top of increasing workloads as firms look to maintain their competitive edge in the face of the tough economic conditions."

He continued, "The technology has also had a profound effect on where people work as by using mobile devices there is less need for office and desk space " a considerable potential saving to an employer - while improving career mobility for employees.