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Select the Right Web Content Filter for a Large Enterprise

Select the Right Web Content Filter for a Large Enterprise Lock down web browsing, protect the business.

Your Challenge

    * Traditional web content filters have fallen by the wayside to make room for products that actively scan website code, and prevent malware from getting to the corporate network.

  * Picking the right web content filter must take the number of geographic locations, amount of bandwidth available, number of users, pricing model, reporting requirements and features needed into account.
    * There are newer vendors breaking the mold, making old standbys like Websense and Cisco not always the obvious choice.Our Advice (Info-Tech –Research Group)

Critical Insight

    * Newer web content filters, sometimes called secure web gateways, incorporate formerly disparate features that can help consolidate the IT infrastructure, like anti-malware and data leakage prevention technology.
    * Not every web content filter is created equal. Many vendors forego building in any security features beyond traditional URL filtering.
    * Geographically disperse locations should give serious consideration to on-demand/hosted solutions, given the ease of implementation and flexible pricing models.

Impact and Result

    * Info-Tech’s framework for selecting a delivery method and shortlisting vendors will help you save time by ensuring you only evaluate the vendors that fit the organization’s web content filtering needs.
    * Be sure to evaluate your shortlist hands-on. In a market where algorithms and reporting capabilities differ so much, the same feature from two or three different vendors may work very differently.

Get to Action    *
      1. Form a solid understanding of web content filters

      To compile a list of features desired and vendors that fit.
          o Storyboard: Select the Right Web Content Filter for a Large Enterprise
          o Shortlist, Select and Deploy a Web Content Filter
      2. Evaluate delivery methods and vendors

      To compile a shortlist of vendors whose products should be tested in-house.
          o Web Content Filter Vendor Shortlist Tool for Large Enterprises
      3. Manually test web content filtering products

      To find the best solution for the organization.
          o Web Content Filter Evaluation Checklist
      4. Deploy an updated Internet Acceptable Use and Filtering Policy

      To set clear expectations for end user behavior.
          o Internet Acceptable Use and Filtering Policy

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