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WonenCentraal asked SG Automatisering to propose options for digitalizing the invoice flow.

Since the housing corporation was already using the SG|tobias/CORSA combination, CORSA/INVOICE from BCT was the obvious choice. According to Monté, the main difference (compared with the previous system) is that everything is now logged. “Now, when you request an invoice, you can always see who performed which action, and when they did this. Everyone can now immediately see the status of the invoices for which they are responsible, and this enables us to deal with questions from the creditors much more efficiently.”

Integration opportunities
Other housing corporations have also expressed a lot of interest in the successful integration of SG|tobias and CORSA/INVOICE. CORSA document management and CORSA/INVOICE can easily be integrated with other ERP solutions. The integration with the real estate administration system SG|Tobias is one of many. Some examples of other integrations are SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact Globe, Exact Financials, JD Edwards, CODA Financials and MFG/Pro.

Successful integration of CORSA and SG|tobias at wonenCentraal
In 2001, BCT Guiding Documents and SG Automatisering integrated BCT’s CORSA document management system with SG’s real estate administration system (SG|tobias) for the first time. Since then, this combination has also been implemented about thirty times by real estate administrators throughout the Netherlands, e.g. by wonenCentraal in Alphen aan den Rijn. When the SG housing corporation wanted to automate its invoice flow, SG once again turned to BCT. The result: a successful integration of CORSA/INVOICE with SG|tobias.

Wonen Centraal is a housing corporation with approximately 9,000 rental units in Alphen aan den Rijn. These units are administered and rented from one location by 110 employees. In 2003, wonenCentraal decided to purchase the SG|tobias real estate administration system from SG Automatisering that includes CORSA document management from BCT Guiding Documents.

CORSA and SG|tobias
BCT Guiding Documents has been a partner of SG Automatisering since 2001. Together they have developed a perfect integration between CORSA and SG|tobias. The integration CORSA - SG|tobias offers users a complete ECM-package to archive and manage information in combination with their real estate administration system. WonenCentraal uses CORSA Document Management to record and archive all correspondence to and from the renters and the association of owners. The housing corporation hopes that this will enable it to enhance its internal and external services relating to the provision of information.