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SCM Microsystems is supplier of solutions that open the Digital World by enabling people to conveniently access digital content and services.

 The company develops, markets and sells a broad range of smart card reader technology for  a range of markets including network and physical access systems in security for government, financial, enterprise, consumer electronics and photographic equipment markets worldwide.

Consultancy firms need to record hours worked and activity, to ensure that they are paid correctly and in order to bill their clients. The SCM Microsystems, Chipdrive Time Recording software provides an affordable, solution, using either a hand-held clock terminal, or fully networked into the office IT.

 Recording time can be a hit and miss affair, particularly in a sector which involves flexible working and in many cases, input from other specialists and part –time employees. The SCM ‘Chipdrive’ solution uses smartcard technology, to bring clocking-in and clocking-out up to date.


 Transactions are recorded simply by inserting the smart cards into the time clock terminal. If required additional information can be recorded by selecting a simple menu identifying the project name and type of activity – travelling, administration or production. Rules for specific employees, and activities with applicable rates, are configured through the management software.


 Once data has been captured it is then readily available for all the back office administrative tasks, including audit and analysis. Reports can be created to show how employees are allocating their working time between different activities – a useful benchmarking tool to support time management training. As an employee time and attendance tool, the software includes all the functionality needed to keep track of hours logged, holiday entitlements, absences and overtime.


 Accountability is important to all service based businesses. Consultants who can providing accurate and sufficiently detailed reports, will also benefit by reducing the scope for queries and ensure that invoices are settled quickly, thus improving cash flow.

 Fully compatible with existing Microsoft Office applications, the SCM Chipdrive software is easy to install, configure and manage. Information can be shared and if necessary data can be inported from existing excel sheets. Features like coloured printable vacation schedule as well as printable company name on the report completes the new software version.