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97%+ accuracy on 'spam' and 99% accuracy on 'possible spam'

The problem of spam refuses to go away. Isode believes that spam needs to be tackled at many levels, with the need for effective desktop solutions and user education going hand-in-hand with appropriate server-based tools, deployed by ISPs and Service Providers. Both accurate and fast, Isode's M-Switch Anti-Spam achieves 97%+ accuracy on 'spam' and 99% accuracy on 'possible spam' together with a message processing rate that exceeds 50 messages per second on a small server platform.Read on to become an Isode reseller>>>>

Why become an Isode Partner ?

Existing Isode partners know that partnering with Isode can help them meet new customers, create new sales opportunities and network with other partners by leveraging Isode's developments, sales, marketing and support resources. As an Isode partner you gain access to technical support including:

The latest Isode software releases.

Participation in Isode beta-trials.

Access and input to Isode product development plans.
Priority access to Isode's software engineers for technical support.

Marketing support includes:

Marketing support including sales leads, jointly authored whitepapers, event support and news distribution services.
Company and Product profiles on the Isode website.

Pre-release access to Isode whitepapers to faciliate and coordination with your own marketing.
Distribution of your company announcements to relevant sections of the Isode mailing list
Jointly authored whitepapers.

Sales leads. As a supplier of components rather than solutions, Isode regularly passes relevant end-user enquiries onto partners
Event Support including demonstration software, marketing support and personnel attendance.
If you'd like to become an Isode partner, then contact us about our partner program.

Why Isode?

Isode's M-Switch Anti-Spam gives service providers access to the most comprehensive range of message interception handling and monitoring options. By enabling such comprehensive spam filtering techniques, use of M-Switch Anti-Spam has meant that Leads Learning are the only educational ISP o fulfill all of the anti-spam and anti-virus criteria for the supply of solutions to educational establishments in the UK set by BECTA (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency).

You can read more about this here.

Where do Isode's products fit into a solution?

M-Switch Anti-Spam intercepts inbound SMTP messages at the boundary of the enterprise or service provider. Messages are opened, examined and if determined not to be spam, delivered to the correct server within the organisation.

If the messages are judged to be spam or potential spam, a variety of handling options are available to administrators to ensure that appropriate remedial action can be taken.

M-Switch Anti-Spam's monitoring abilities ensure that you always have the complete picture available.

How does Isode approach this market?
Isode's anti-spam solutions are sold directly and through qualified partner organisations.
The Leeds Learning solution mentioned above was supplied in association with BT (the case study is available here) and we also partner with appliance device manufacturer Appliansys to supply a complete anti-spam server appliance (RelayBox).