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Handheld technology for managing the physical infrastructure of data centres

Aperture,  a  provider of software for managing the physical infrastructure of data centres, has announced a handheld data capture device for its market-leading data centre management system,

The new solution, enables data centre management to cost effectively, accurately and predictably collect detailed information about the equipment and resources in the data centre. The new tool claims to  enable data centre management to cut the time and cost required to achieve return on investment for their VISTA solution by up to 50%.

Data centre management often struggles to accurately capture details of the equipment the organisation owns, where it is located and what it is connected to. Where organisations do try to capture data, they often send staff into the data centre to manually write notes on clipboards and then re-key them later. That makes errors likely,

increases the uncertainty of the process and dramatically increases the time required to capture data. Because of the difficulty of capturing accurate information, organisations will often deploy a new data centre management solution using unvalidated data,

which risks perpetuating errors and makes reporting and analysis suspect. In security-sensitive sectors, such as financial services or government, it is often impossible for outside contractors to enter the data centre to collect data.

With this new product, the company claims it is providing a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to ensure their data centre infrastructure and equipment is recorded accurately. This is a Handheld Windows Mobile device with the VISTA Data Capture Application installed. This hardware and software combination is fully supported by best practice processes

Organisations can allow Certified Partners to collect data in their data centres for seamless uploading into the system, or can receive training and certification  of  if they prefer to capture the data themselves.

The handheld unit has been designed to be easy to use and to virtually eliminate data entry errors. During the data capture process, the handheld unit can read existing barcode asset tags or can help with the configuration of new ones. The handheld unit  is supported by an  extensive reference library of vendor equipment, which is used to validate data as it is entered. Data is also validated against other equipment in the vicinity and against other devices connected to the same power infrastructure.

Bill Clifford, CEO, Aperture, said: “Data Center Management often struggles to capture accurate information about what is in the data centre, where it is and what it’s connected to. The problem is not just a lack of technology, but also a lack of process. Aperture has implemented over 300 data centre management solutions. Aperture VISTA Data Capture Handheld, and its user certification process, delivers all our experience and best practice advice into the hands of the data centre staff.”

He adds: “Data centre management will be able to capture data more accurately, using whatever combination of internal or external staff is consistent with the organisation’s strategy and security policy. As a result, organisations will be able to more quickly realise the benefits of Aperture VISTA for data centre management, and will be able to manage and plan capacity with much greater confidence.”

Aperture VISTA Data Capture Handheld is the first data centre management application that allows data to be accurately captured on the data centre floor and to be imported directly into an enterprise data centre management solution. It incorporates the following features:

- Comprehensive ability to capture all assets found within a data centre including racks, cabinets, servers, switches, cards, and rack and floor mounted devices.

- Captures both single and three phase power connectivity information including panels, breakers and receptacles

- Contains an extensive reference library of over 15,000 devices which improves device recognition and reduces time taken to enter each device

- Collision checking to ensure that floor placed devices don’t overlap each other

- Visual feedback of device positioning improves the accuracy of rack records

- Compatibility with existing barcode tags

Aperture is  a global provider of software for managing the physical infrastructure of data centres. Aperture’s solutions reduce operational risk and improve efficiency through the planning and management of data centre resources and real-time monitoring of the environment. Aperture delivers the best practice processes that enable organisations to take control of an increasingly complex physical infrastructure including equipment, space, power, cooling, network and storage.

With over 20 years of experience, Aperture provides organisations with the information required to optimise their data centre operations, delivering better services at the lowest cost. Aperture’s customers include the world’s largest companies, half of which are Fortune 1000 and Global 500 organisations.