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Hosting data centre shortage in Europe,

According to Gartner, information technology research and advisory company, if significant new data centre space is not brought on-stream in high-demand areas like London, there will be no free space left by the end of the decade.* Global Crossing  an American  IP solution provider, has revealed plans to open a hosting data centre in London to serve customers in Europe, and has relocated its data centre operations in the Miami area to accommodate the housing and hosting needs of United States customers interested in connectivity to Latin America.  

To illustrate its commitment to enhancing its hosting and data centre business solutions, the company also has created a new executive position to oversee its hosting strategic initiative.   Gabriel del Campo, who currently manages the company’s incumbent data centre business in Latin America, will serve as Global Crossing’s new vice president of data centre services EMEA and global data centre product management.

“When we completed our acquisition of Impsat roughly a year ago, we emphasised the close alignment of our two businesses and in particular, the opportunity to introduce existing Impsat services to a wider, global customer base,” said John Legere, Global Crossing’s chief executive officer 

“Our existing hosting infrastructure is world class.  This expansion aims to capitalise on the rising demand for data centre services, where supply has become increasingly scarce across Europe, and to accommodate the needs of U.S. businesses seeking connectivity to the Latin American region.  It is imperative to Global Crossing’s customers that we enhance and expand this valuable capability.”

 “Delivering this capability to enterprise customers in Europe beginning with our London facility is a cornerstone of our strategy to support their critical business needs,” echoed Anthony Christie, managing director, EMEA.   “As we hone our focus on this crucial market segment, we’ll continue to refine this strategic growth area and to firmly plant Global Crossing in the minds of existing and prospective customers.” 

“The general improvement in business conditions is causing organisations to come back to the data centre market with greater overall demand than has been seen in recent years,” said Scott Morrison, research director at Gartner.

“The increase in demand for data centre services is being driven primarily by internal enterprise requirements, including the growth in content-rich applications, data storage needs and virtualisation.  These are more robust indicators for positive mid-term growth in the industry than the supply-led expansion of Web-facing solutions in the dot-com era.”

Consolidating the company’s data centre services with its Miami operations offers expanded physical facilities and enhances services provided to customers previously served out of a former Impsat facility in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  The 650-square metre upgraded data centre boasts a world-class infrastructure and quality standards, including state-of-the-art secure client support, such as a redundant power system for generators, rectifiers, UPS and air conditioning.

Under del Campo’s leadership, the Latin American team built Impsat’s existing successful data centre business from the ground up.  In addition to his other responsibilities, he will guide the  development of common standards, best practices and processes to support the evolution of what has been a regional business into a global one. 

 “Global Crossing’s hosting business is focused on addressing enterprises’ increasing demand for integrated Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions,” explained del Campo.  “Our emphasis is on solutions.  We recognise the enterprise market’s need for converged services that go beyond data, video and voice integration, to integrate and combine IT services with telecommunications, Internet, security and VoIP.”
Global Crossing’s growing data centre footprint currently offers world-class facilities in 60 major cities worldwide to provide businesses access to critical customers and business partners. 

Global Crossing housing facilities allow customers to seamlessly link sites to virtually any location around the world within the reach and capacity of the world’s most extensive global IP network.  The benefits of Global Crossing colocation facilities also include receiving consistent and similar services throughout the world and the ease of one-stop shopping for ICT, On-Demand and Continuity solutions.

Global Crossing offers solutions that allow customers to focus on their businesses, while Global Crossing manages and administers the entire IT infrastructure and network for them.  Global Crossing's hosting solutions provide customers housing, equipment, storage, backup and monitoring, as well as managed services that free them to run their application or Web site. 

On-Demand Solutions let customers use what they need when they need it, including network capacity, storage, processing power and managed services. They enable customers to respond rapidly and adequately to the demands of their clients or other business opportunities.

Global Crossing Continuity Solutions provide preventive tools and redundancy capabilities that keep businesses running or help minimise any potential economic losses caused by an unexpected incident. Interruptions in service could be caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods, or by social problems, fires or technology problems.