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Thursday, Dec 01st

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For many years using your mobile whilst travelling in the United States has been one of the most expensive tariffs in the world. Even with all the recent reductions, USA mobile calls made or received whilst roaming are prohibitively expensive.

ROAMOBI is proud to announce that to coincide with European summer time, a peak period for US tourism; they will release a travel SIM product which will slash the roaming rates of all the leading mobile operators and other key travel SIM providers.

“It is interesting to note that some of the incumbent operators actually offer better rates than many of the existing Travel SIM providers!” explained Andy Brockhurst,  Commissioning editor of  European Reseller.

It is to be noted that using an existing mobile operator, there may be great differences between rates, depending on the mobile network the user roams into. This makes it very complex for the user, having different prices for different places, whilst travelling in the US. The existing travel SIM providers may also have great difficulty in providing good coverage for the whole of the US. At best often providing a patchy connectivity and no real cost saving in some cases.

European Reseller working with its strategic partners will also release the Roamobi range of mobile handsets in July, which will be combined with a number of patented technologies. This will make mobile communication when travelling a simple prepaid solution. No need to Swap Sim's, Unlock phones or hunt for compatible handsets.

Just take the phone out of the box and charge the phone and then you are ready to go. To check your prepaid balance, just press the dedicated button on the handset.

And the best news of all is that these handsets will retail at under €65 in Europe with bundled airtime. The new US breakthrough will be added to the existing Roamobi global roaming rates starting at 19 Euro cents per minute.

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ROAMOBI Travel SIM products are supported by several key international patents and unlike the numerous travel SIM products in the market today, ROAMOBI products are fully licensed and supported by the patent owners of the various technologies involved.
European Reseller will be holding meetings with selected Resellers who will be able to distribute the Travel SIM & Roamobi range