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Snom and 3CX Team Up to Deliver a Comprehensive VoIP Telephony Solution


Snom technology AG developer and manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones and 3CX, developer of the software-based IP PBX for Windows, have announced that interoperability testing between their products has been completed successfully.

This certified interoperability ensures that small and medium businesses have access to a reliable and affordable VoIP solution when using 3CX’s software-based IP PBX for Windows together with snom’s VoIP-based products.

Businesses looking to replace their traditional proprietary hardware PBXs with an easy to install, manage and use VoIP Telephony system can now benefit from the very cost effective combined solution of snom’s VoIP phones and 3CX Phone System for Windows, knowing that it is and fully supported by both vendors. Furthermore, businesses can now easily implement a complete telephone system that helps them give employees mobility, rids them of costly phone tag and reduces administration and training time by IT staff.

Key advantages of 3CX & snom VoIP telephony solution

Increases mobility – allows workers to be seamlessly integrated to the company’s phone system any time, any place. Eliminates expensive telephone tag by allowing users to see if colleagues are there or not. Businesses profit from less costs and more features compared to traditional telephone systems.

3CX has announced the release of version 5.1 of 3CX Phone System for Windows. The latest version of the award-winning IP PBX has an integrated 3CX Tunnel which simplifies firewall configuration by channeling all VoIP traffic over a single port; making it easy for remote workers to connect to their company's PBX and for Network Managers to connect different remote PBX systems between them.

Four available editions: Small Business, Pro, Enterprise and Free

3CX Phone System for Windows is available in four editions: Free, Small Business, Pro and Enterprise, all supporting an unlimited number of extensions. The Free edition is limited to 8 simultaneous calls, whereas the Small Business edition supports up to 8, the Pro version up to 16 and the Enterprise edition supports up to 32 simultaneous calls. Call capacity can be expanded with upgrade packs.

Traditionally, firewall configuration for remote SIP / VoIP systems and/or extensions can represent a challenge, because it requires many open ports.

Nick Galea, CEO at 3CX said: "We know how important it is for businesses nowadays to have remote workers and branches seamlessly integrated to their company' phone system, and the addition of the 3CX Tunnel to 3CX Phone System for Windows facilitates this process.

The 3CX Tunnel, unlike other similar tunneling protocols, is not proprietary and can be used with popular VoIP softphones and hard phones.

This is ideal for businesses, as they can use a variety of telephone options with their IP PBX depending on their needs and budget."

Key advantages of the 3CX Tunnel:

* Mobility, productivity and cost-saving advantages for businesses from the integration of remote workers and branches to the company's phone system

* Remote workers do not need to edit the firewall configuration to be able to connect to the IP PBX from any location (ie. home, hotels, conference centers, airports, etc.)

* Easy firewall configuration - choose any port (ie. port 80) for seamless networking


3CX Phone System for Windows allows businesses to completely break free from the restrictions of hardware-based, proprietary phone systems. Built on the open SIP standard, 3CX IP PBX interoperates with all popular SIP

phones, VoIP Gateways and VoIP providers.

Main advantages of adopting 3CX Phone System for Windows:


* Eliminates expensive telephone tag by using the inbuilt Presence feature

* Simpler phone system administration via a web-based configuration

* Vendor independent - significant cost savings by choosing VoIP provider and SIP equipment of choice

* Increases mobility - allows remote workers to be seamlessly integrated to the company's phone system

* Delivers unified communications technology by merging voice and data networks, allowing businesses to simplify real time delivery of information.

A detailed edition comparison table can be found on

3CX Phone System Free edition

A Free edition, supporting an unlimited number of extensions, is also available. The Free edition can be downloaded from