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Storage with Sony

Why should you back up your data?

Losing data could mean losing your business !

All computers are susceptible to damage !

Did you know that losing ANY data from your computer server, costs your company an estimated of $4000 to recover*.

When you then consider that 68% of data loss reasons are outside of human error, can you afford to take the risk and not backup your data?

The issue of data legislation

Recent compliance legislation now means that organisations just like yours are required to store, manage and protect more and more data. If, when called upon, you can’t track and produce requested documentation, you could face financial penalties.

Hard disk is not the answer

Although hard disk drives can be useful in storing data that needs frequent access, it’s always at risk of corruption, error or accidental deletion. What’s more, unlike disk, removable media can be physically taken off-site and stored in a separate, secure environment ensuring it remains protected.

Storage with Sony AIT is the ideal storage solution

History also shows that companies that aren't able to resume operations within ten days of a data disaster are not likely to survive.Storage using Sony’s Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) technology is a simple, affordable and efficient means of protecting your data, and in turn protecting your business.

Whatever your company’s size, there’s an AIT storage solution to suit. From 40GB right through to 400GB (with a planned roadmap to 800GB),

Sony AIT drives offer incredible speed, easy installation and are built on one of the most reliable formats available.
* - The cost of data log by David M Smith
** - Strategic Research Institute