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Vivantio helps Hays Specialist Recruitment boost productivity and eliminate customer service paper trail

Vivantio, A UK  service desk software provider, has helped recruitment group Hays Specialist Recruitment to revolutionise its customer service team by transferring paper-based call reporting onto the Vivantio Service Desk solution.Hays has a central customer service team based in London, which provides support to all Hays UK employees as well as acting as a front line contact point for many external job applicants and companies looking to recruit staff.  

The team of six processes around 2,000 information requests/enquiries and complaints per month. The introduction of Vivantio’s Service Desk On Demand has meant that all the enquiries coming into the team can now be inputted directly onto the system from the customer service team members’ desktop computers, immediately following the call. Records are now instantly created for each enquiry which can then be tracked, shared and even exported to other desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and Outlook.  Call trend reports can be created instantly and the resulting analysis used to help manage resources and improve administration and processes.

Prior to 2006, the department was almost entirely paper-based, with team members filling out forms by hand and using a paper filing system for each enquiry.  At the end of each month, these were then collated and relevant data manually inputted into spreadsheet-based management reports.  When Mark Brooks, customer services development director, joined Hays in 2005 he immediately identified the need to streamline this procedure and started to investigate various customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Brooks explained how he found Vivantio:“Rather than an expensive and overly complex CRM system we required a simple off- the-shelf helpdesk solution and this is what Vivantio provided.”Unlike its competitors, Vivantio offers both on-site installation or a hosted, subscription-based service where the software is provided through a standard internet browser.  Vivantio’s offering is also quick to set up; highly intuitive and simple-to-customise in-house without the need for IT experts. 

Vivantio provided initial training and after just two morning sessions it was possible for Hays customer service team to roll out Vivantio Service Desk to all members of its team. Given that Vivantio Service Desk On Demand is a hosted solution it avoids organisations’ slow IT procurement processes.  It also offers easy upgrades via the internet and 24/7 access to the system even if team members are taking calls while on the road or working from home. 

It also meets firms’ requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Overall the system has allowed the team to make better use of their manpower; monthly reports which usually took two team members up to three hours each to complete per week, are now available online and updated within minutes of calls being completed.  Customer service staff no longer have to break away from tasks to leaf through filing cabinets for call records, as the data is now available in seconds through running an online search on Vivantio Service Desk.
The system has also now been extended to five other users who are involved in providing a support service within the business. This includes customer service representatives within Hays’ accounts department. Vivantio allows all users to communicate with each other online as well as being able to review complete call histories.

Relevant records on the Vivantio system can be easily exported to Microsoft Outlook without the need to retype the enquiry, allowing data to be easily emailed to staff around the group.Brooks, added:“One of the surprise benefits of the system is the way in which it can be adapted to capture and track topical information. If a new process is implemented that may affect our customers or if a new publication is used for marketing purposes, the team can easily track the number of enquiries regarding the change and response volumes.“The On Demand offering is easy to access and compared to Vivantio’s competitors the system is incredibly cost effective. 

Vivantio gives our customer service team an excellent package for monitoring and tracking service feedback.”Russell Wiltshire, director, Vivantio Ltd; said “Vivantio has clear advantages for companies like Hays that recognise they cannot go on increasing the paper trail as they deal with more and more calls. 

We offer an intuitive web interface which is easy to pick up, encouraging team members to complete call logs and communicate results more widely across the business.  “For many of our customers Vivantio is acting as the key platform of a customer service revolution in their businesses. 
We also find being able to offer a cost effective hosted as well as On Site Service Desk makes it possible for customer services directors to move fast to implement changes if they need to do so without having to go through often lengthy IT department procurement processes.”