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HALCYON SOFTWARE LAUNCHES JOB SCHEDULER V 3.0 looking for software resellers

Usability and productivity enhancements for core systems management application -

Halcyon Software has today announced the launch of the latest version of Job Scheduler systems management application for the IBM System i range of servers. Job Scheduler v 3.0 is designed to enable systems operators of all levels to create and run advanced scheduling patterns tailored to suit a company’s specific business operations.

Functionally rich yet very easy to use, the Job Scheduler incorporates some important features not found in other schedulers. Advanced scheduling patterns are possible by using the standard calendar features, third party calendars or by a user program using the Halcyon Job Scheduler's unique and intuitive calendar parameters.

Job Scheduler is able to reduce the system operator’s workload by automating repetitive tasks; freeing up valuable resource time and in the process minimising the risk of human error. Furthermore, Job Scheduler can make more effective use of system resources by running jobs at the best time for your system, your operators and your users. Job Scheduler can also reduce operations costs by automating all out-of-hours processing.

Version 3.0 offers users significant improvements over the previous module including the ability to convert IBM standard Job Scheduler entries into Halcyon Groups and Jobs using a simple command. This will simplify and enable speedy implementation, and contribute towards achieving return on investment. This feature has been specifically designed for those companies who have used the standard IBM job scheduler, but now require a more customisable tool to suit their business operations. Multiple environments are supported, ideal for Outsourcing Environments or Business Units who need the ability to restrict access to particular Job Schedules to specific users or customers. Support for user definable template environments has been added meaning that operators can retain specific settings, and significantly reduce setup time when adding or amending jobs.

Price and availabilityJob Scheduler v 3.0 is available immediately, either on its own or as part of the Halcyon Operations Center, and pricing is tiered based on the IBM processor group and starts from £3,750 for a single copy of the Job Scheduler v 3.0 module.

Halcyon Software Limited is an international software company with over 19 years experience in systems management. Halcyon writes software for IBM midrange computers as well as Windows, AIX, UNIX, Linux, and Netware platforms. Large multi-national companies, corporate data centres, as well as small to medium-sized businesses use Halcyon Software products to proactively manage and automate their IT operations.  The Head Office is based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom and its software is used throughout the world with distributors in Europe, Australia and the USA. Customers include Cap Gemini, Digica, Quiksilver, Avon Cosmetics, Raleigh, Pataks Spices, Early Learning Centre, Arcadia and Budget Insurance.