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Screenings on the platform from 3rd March
Deadline for registration remains un-changed as 15th February

London, 7th February 2008 – Babelgum, the free to view global television network announced today that the deadline for entries to the Babelgum Online Film festival has been extended to 1st March, with screening to start on 3rd March.

The upload deadline has been extended today in response to the unprecedented demand from film makers around the world to enter content in one or more of the seven festival categories, each of which has a first prize of €20,000.
Of the 1500 responses received 500 entries have been submitted to date.

The Babelgum Online Film Festival has proved particularly popular in the United States, which has seen the highest number of entrants, followed by the UK and Italy.
Film makers that haven’t yet entered still have until 15th February to register their intention

 in one or more of the following categories:

• The Babelgum Looking for Genius Award -- Awarded to new or emerging talent who display clear and outstanding achievement through direction.

• The Babelgum Short Film Award -- Awarded to the best short film (under 20 minutes) that presents a clear, concise and original vision using the short film genre.

• The Babelgum Documentary Award – Awarded to the documentary that best presents its subject in a truthful and fair manner while being original and thought provoking.

• The Babelgum Animation Award – Awarded to the film that best displays story and the craft of animation.

• The Babelgum Social/Environment Award – Awarded to the best film that effectively addresses an issue impacting the world today.

• The Babelgum Spot/Advertising Award – Awarded to the most creative advertising spot highlighting a certain product.

• The Babelgum Music Video Award, to be awarded for innovation and creativity in the genre.

Submissions will be exposed to public rating on Babelgum before being judged by the festival jury, led by Spike Lee. The other jurors consist of film experts from across the globe including the directors of established film festivals, film schools and film industry associations.

Spike Lee said “The standard of the entries we’ve received thus far has been outstanding. It just goes to show there is a wealth of talent out there that wouldn’t usually get recognition or exposure if it wasn’t for festivals such as this.

He continues, “The Babelgum Online Film Festival is offering independent filmmakers the chance to be seen, known and appreciated. I used to be a struggling independent filmmaker myself and so I understand the importance of a forum like this. With such opportunities now available, a good filmmaker who doesn't get his films seen has only himself to blame.”

More information and final terms and conditions are available on