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Thursday, Oct 06th

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ERM talked with Keiji Nakamura, Managing Director at Toyota Tsusho ID Systems.

Toyota Tsusho ID Systems GmbH, or TTID for short, is the exclusive seller and distributor of DENSO hand-held terminals and scanners in Europe.
European reseller talked about their role with Keiji Nakamura, Managing Director at Toyota Tsusho ID Systems.


Question: Mr Nakamura, this is a new name linked to DENSO. Will everything be different now?

Nakamura: No it won’t. But a number of things will definitely get better. Our partners until now will only need to get used to one name. In the future, TTID will stand for top quality from DENSO.

Question: So in the future, too, DENSO is part of this. So why the new name?

Nakamura: we wanted to communicate our competencies more clearly outside the company as well and define ourselves more clearly. Basically it’s simple: DENSO and Toyota Tsusho are both part of the Toyota Group, each with their own specific tasks. DENSO produces and delivers ultimate quality products. Toyota Tsusho takes care of sales and distribution. As a subsidiary Toyota Tsusho ID Systems GmbH has the exclusive responsibility for the operations in the European market for handheld terminals and scanners.

Question: So does that mean TTID is DENSO’s sales specialist for mobile data gathering in Europe?

Nakamura: Precisely, yes. And the term sales specialist sums it up in a nutshell. As a stand-alone sales organisation TTID will make further improvements to services and keep safeguarding the future quality of the distribution chain. The reason we can do this is that we have the necessary understanding of ID technology so we’re in a much better position to understand what the market needs and feed that back to the manufacturer to fulfil the customer’s requirements more quickly. Of course one of our jobs will be to launch new products on the European market. A current example of this would be the new DENSO BHT-700 hand-held terminal which we’re really looking forward to. As far as we’re concerned it will raise the benchmark in the field of mobile data gathering.

Question: How?

Nakamura: Simple. It’s different. Nothing we have managed on this market is like it. The new DENSO BHT-700 hand-held terminal works along modular lines making it possible to adapt to changes in business processes. It has an open platform so depending on the requirement you can change the set up, so you get an unparalleled degree of flexibility. Your investment in data gathering has never been such a safe bet. The BHT-700 is based on up-to-the-minute standards and at the same time it’s already geared to future technology, making it totally unique. By using this modular system, DENSO is defining the direction of the future market so we at TTID are proud to be involved in the process.

Mr Nakamura, thank you for your time.