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Email Systems remains 100% committed To Channel

Email Systems Rejects Distribution and Remains 100% Committed To Channel

Solid Commitment Given To Partners To Buck Industry Trend For Distribution Model
Email and web management specialist Email Systems has confirmed it’s 100% commitment to a tier 1 channel, in direct contrast to the many other SAAS providers, particularly in the Email and Web Filtering services space, which are currently revising their models to sell via distribution. Email Systems continues its commitment to sell exclusively via its reseller partners – its sole route to market.

Moreover, the company is currently rolling out an extensive plan to ensure that Email Systems’ existing and new partners alike are given an unrivalled set of benefits and treated as a true extension of the company.
Email Systems has migrated previously direct customers across to channel partners, whilst also affirming commitment to retain a direct relationship with its partners and not sell services through distribution. The company has recently launched a partner charter stating clear terms of engagement that protect partners’ renewals/annuity business. It has grown its channel team from 2 to 8 in the past 6 months and continues to have no direct sales people in the business.

Andrew Wright at nonstopIT said “One of the reasons we chose to partner with Email Systems is the close relationship we get with them as a vendor and their level of support provided to us in winning new customers. We felt selling such a service via a distributor would put us at a disadvantage against other services in the market both in terms of the speed of response, the flexibility we get and the direct customer facing vendor support we receive. We are pleased that Email Systems is so committed to a model that helps makes us successful and retain good margins with their services.”

Many other vendors in this space have recently either migrated their resellers to a relationship with a distributor channel, resulting in significant negativity amongst existing resellers, or begun to sell via a partial distribution channel, causing conflicts within the channel. Others continue to sell directly to users.

Email Systems’ clear and consistent channel commitment and policies has resulted in a significant number of new partners that are choosing to lead with and recommend its services.
Ian Moyse, Head of UK Channels at Email Systems commented: “We continue to grow our tier one channel and win partners away from other services who do not offer clarity to their channel as a result of our excellent margins and support levels. We act as a true extension of our partners’ businesses, working closely on customer engagements.”

New partnerships recently announced included Badger Blue, Dataplex, Deverill, Direct Sales Agency, E-Zu, Fordway, Infosec Technologies, Lima Networks, Repton, Satisnet, Sospito, Services for Business, Sigma, Sophisto and Valusys with many of these switching away from leading with competitive services.
Moyse continued “We have listened closely to what the reseller channel is telling us they want and built our channel program and tools around this. This is proving fruitful as we find more and more resellers are struggling to retain margins and get the assistance and responsiveness they expect from their vendor. Whilst others have been removing tools and benefits we are adding and increasing them.”