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SecureStix Secure USB Stick

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SecureStix™ “SecureStix…the Secure replacement for USB Flash Drives” 

What Is SecureStix™? 

•         Simply put, SecureStix™ is a unique type of USB Flash Drive (also known as a USB Stick, USB Key, Memory Stick etc), designed to protect your most private, highly confidential and secret information.

•         Packaged into a compact fold-up device, the SecureStix™ devices boast all the security of the most highly protected computers with the added benefit of being portable. 


•         The SecureStix™ devices utilize fingerprint recognition technology coupled with AES-256 encryption algorithms to ensure your data is protected at all times. 

•         Each device can read up to 10 fingerprints making it perfect for inter-departmental use.


How does SecureStix™ work? 
•         The SecureStix™ device is a purpose built USB flash drive, utilising the advanced Samsung chipset coupled with a superior biometric fingerprint scanner and custom built software, all packaged in a neat, handy and lightweight device designed with your protection in mind.
•         Simply plug this device into the USB outlet of your computer and it will ask you to swipe your finger.
•         Swipe your finger over the biometric reader on the device.  If your finger is not recognised you will NOT be able to access the protected files.
•         Each SecureStix™ device comes with software which can be installed to lock down any computer.  Nobody else will be able to access this computer without the SecureStix™ device and the authorised person’s fingerprint.
•         If computers are being used by more than one user, the owner of the SecureStix™ device can lock individual files on that computer that will require their fingerprint to open.  This will allow other persons to access data on the computer but NOT the secured files.

Why should corporations and individuals utilise SecureStix™? 
•         To ensure the protection of private, highly confidential and secret information from individuals or groups such as:

•          Members of the general public

•          Journalists

•          Competitors

•          Domestic threats

•          International threats

•          Terrorism

•          Political agendas

•         To ensure that employees, contractors and customers can travel with highly confidential information without their being a security breach.

•         Because the SecureStix device can assist in the prevention of the above at a very low cost.

Doing nothing is NOT an option. Security Breach Legislation in the USA (State Security Breach Legislation Executive Summary Feb 2006 by VigilantMinds) states: “Many states have either enacted or are in the process of enacting legislation regarding breaches to personal information in response to the recent disclosures and potential identity theft of millions of Americans. 

Fifty-two million Americans had their personal information breached in approximately 100 separate incidents during 2005.  Hacking accounted for 50% of the incidents, while stolen or lost devices accounted for 25% of the incidents.  Lost tapes, insider employee actions, and other miscellaneous issues rounded out the remaining 25%.   

 The enactment of legislation across multiple states without consistent standards for definitions of “personal information”, “breach”, “encryption”, and “potential risk” has brought confusion to organizations seeking compliance with the requirements of these individual state laws…   …

 Doing nothing is NOT an option continued…

 In November 2005, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved bill S1789 (S1332 on the Senate calendar), the “Personal Data Privacy and Security Act”.  In the House, the HR 4127 “Data Accountability and Trust Act” has the widest support and has been approved by its initial House subcommittee.  Businesses appear to favor the House bill, with both Microsoft and Entrust endorsing HR 4127. 

Consumer advocate groups appear to favor the Senate bill, saying S1789 provides more protection for individual US citizens… 

Penalties ranging from $1,000 to $55,000 per day depending on level of failure to comply / negligence.  Imprisonment for up to 5 years…”…

 “…Requires businesses to notify the U.S. Secret Service of a security breach if over 10,000 individual’s personal information is compromised, regardless if the breach would have an impact on identify theft.” … 

Summit West – Operational Management and HIPAA Compliance written by Becky Busch, President MBA Inc states:

“The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) mandates the regulation of personal health information (PHI) around three areas: electronic data interchange, privacy, and security.

 The security regulations, when final will directly impact organizational efforts in some of the following ways (as well as others): 

 • Require encryption of all PHI transmitted over the network• Require standard levels of perimeter protection and access control over all PHI systems and data

• Require formal incident response and backup and recovery plans for all systems affecting PHI Violations of HIPAA regulations can result in fines up to $250,000 per incident and even criminal penalties of up to 10 years in prison for organizations and individuals that violate the regulations or negligently disclose PHI.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).” 


 What’s Included? Each SecureStix™ pack includes the following:
ü      The top of the line internal Samsung Chipset, because you don't want our USB Flash Drive to fail.

ü      Onboard software to encrypt any file on any computer that you are currently using, so that only you can access these files on that computer.

ü      Unique fold-out design to protect the fingerprint reader and get rid of silly          lids that can get lost.

ü      Professional look and feel (small, lightweight and detailed to suit the corporate market).

ü      Handy carry strap to minimise the chance of leaving the device somewhere.

ü      USB extender cable to save you from having to crawl around looking for           the USB port on your computer to plug in your new device.

ü      Gift-boxed in a superb metal box, making it the most stylish overall device available on the market today.

Don’t risk your Private, Personal and Business confidential files.  Reads up to 10 Fingerprints
Ready to plug into
your USB port
Massive Storage
holds up to 360,000 emails (4GB version)
Neatly folds up with no cap to lose
Stylish looks
Activity Indicator to ensure the data transfers are complete before you remove your drive
Don’t risk your Private, Personal and Business confidential files. 


 Testimonials: "Since I have begun using the SecureStix USB Flash Drive my life has been stress free. As a professional conference speaker and team building expert I travel a lot and often try to do so with as little baggage as possible.

Owning a SecureStix has made that process even easier. With the ability to set up a public access area and a secure partition on the SecureStix I can now confidently pass the USB stick over to the conference Audio Visual Crew happy in the knowledge that my client files are secure and accessible only by a swipe of “MY” finger. The Audio Visual Crew can access the conference files and are unable to access any other files that I don’t want them to see. It’s brilliant! For some short trips I now don’t even need to take my laptop as with the huge I Gig memory I can load several large presentations onto the SecureStix and jump off the plane and go straight to the venue, plug in my SecureStix and I’m in business. Thanks again and I look forward to your next technical innovation!"

Lindsay Adams, Director, Teamocracy and National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA).   "Jim’s Bookkeepers are always looking for ways of making their client’s information more secure. We have strict procedures for handing documents but electronic information can easily be lost and fall into inappropriate hands. The SecureStix Fingerprint Recognition USB stick is a must have product for bookkeepers that take copies of client’s data off site and I will be recommending that all our bookkeepers get one. People I have demonstrated the product to are amazed at how easy it is to use and our bookkeepers are happy they can now transport client information securely."
John Birse, National Divisional Franchisor, Jim's Bookkeeping  "I sign many non disclosure agreements and transport vast amounts of commercially sensitive information from clients offices all over Australia and internationally. USB storage devices can easily be lost, exposing our firm to potential litigation. SecureStix has resolved this issue for us with their finger print storage device solution."
Andrew Pollard, Director, InterFinancial Ventures Pty Ltd. Investment Bankers and Corporate Advisors

  Technical Information 
Windows 2000 (service pack 4)
Windows XP Home (service pack 2)
Windows XP Professional (service pack 2)HARDWARE:Pentium 3 or higher
At least one USB 1.1 or 2.0 portSUPPORTED LANGUAGESEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

You now have an insight into the amazing technology available to secure your most private of information.
These devices have a RRP of €67 per 1GB device, €90 per 2GB device and €125 per 4GB device so there is plenty of margin for both European Reseller and your distributors.

With over 85% of corporate and government employees surveyed currently using a standard USB Flash drive, the European market is very large and mostly untapped.

As we hold the worldwide rights for this design, we are able to manufacture these with your custom brand to meet your requirements for resale or promotional activities.

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