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HansaWorld SmartApps for Nokia unleashes the power of smart phones

HansaWorld SmartApps for Nokia unleashes the power of smart phones

Enterprise software company HansaWorld has released SmartApps, a development environment for Nokia’s E-series smart phones. The move is expected to trigger an explosion of new application development, says HansaWorld founder and chief executive Karl Bohlin.

“Smart phones have become powerful computers in their own right,” says Bohlin. “We’ve now matched that with a simple, easily accessible development environment that will enable just about anybody to create their own applications, initially for the Nokia E90 and soon for other E-series phones."

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According to Bohlin, SmartApps is an usually easy development tool: "Until now many applications have been too difficult or too expensive to write – now anybody can use SmartApps to create fast database applications. That includes private individuals as well as people with new business ideas and professional programmers.”

The development tool is free to download and use – and developers will be paid for applications that find users. “We’ve created an absolutely transparent business model,” says Bohlin. “Anybody can download SmartApps to develop anything they want and publish it. End users pay HansaWorld to use the applications, and in turn we pay developers.

We have a licence agreement that covers all normal situations and our infrastructure enables easy cross-border selling and invoicing with no extra cost to the developer.” “We’re hoping the tool will find hundreds or thousands of early adopters and trigger an explosion of new application development for the E-series phones,” adds Bohlin. “We finally have the marriage of a powerful computing platform with an easily accessible development environment and fast networks. There are tens of thousands of possible applications. We’re looking forward to seeing what people come up with.”

Bohlin anticipates two primary categories of use for SmartApps. “In the first place, people will want to create mobile versions of existing applications like timesheets, expenses claims and travel logs,” he says. “But we also expect to see many new applications that are only possible with a mobile device."

“For example, imagine a technician who is called out to repair a piece of equipment at a customer site and finds the problem can’t be fixed immediately. He could photograph the problem with his phone, type in the serial number, add GPS co-ordinates for the location and upload the entire package for his colleagues.”

“This is just the beginning,” says Bohlin. “We can see exciting possibilities for real estate agents to send individualised portfolios to their clients' mobiles, for the creation of online marketplaces and for news feeds, to cite just the business uses.

There are also many private uses, for example for communities and interest groups to share information including pictures, comments, GPS data about anything from restaurants to birdwatching sites to crime hotspots.”