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SkyWave On-demand Webinar

SkyWave On-demand Webinar Explores Asset Monitoring at Sea using GPRS Satellite and GPRS Create Opportunities on Land and At Sea

SkyWave Mobile Communications, the global provider of D+ satellite communications, announces the availability of an on-demand Webinar entitled “Expanding Opportunities with Satellite and GPRS” to explore the use of GPRS at sea.

This pre-recorded online presentation, which is accessible at any time, provides the viewer with information on how to leverage dependable SkyWave D+ satellite communications with low-cost GPRS terrestrial communications to track, control and secure valued mobile assets at sea and on land.
An overview of the opportunities, applications, economics and technical implementation issues are discussed in this Webinar. Topics covered during this 30-minute presentation include:

Leveraging satellite communications to create new opportunities with GPRS;

Real-life examples of land and sea applications for satellite and GPRS;

Taking advantage of faster, simplified implementation for greater profitability;

Reducing cost with a unified network programming interface and least-cost routing; and Increasing security and lowering total overall solution cost.

To view the on-demand Webinar, visit

SkyWave’s SureLinx 8100 is an integrated satellite and GPRS wireless controller which utilizes satellite communications to ensure assets are tracked, controlled and secure when traveling in and out of GPRS cellular coverage. Its low power, ruggedized hardware, discrete size and flexible configuration make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

About SkyWave Mobile CommunicationsEstablished in 1997, SkyWave Mobile Communications is the global leader for D+ satellite communications products and services. SkyWave designs and manufactures integrated D+ satellite terminals, D+/GPRS wireless controllers and provides network services to enable customers with dependable, low-cost, remote management and security solutions for fixed and mobile assets.
SkyWave works with a global network of over 170 solution partners who provide industry-specific expertise in over 40 countries. Solution providers trust SkyWave to deliver global, cost-effective, reliable, timely and scalable D+ services.

As the leading worldwide terminal manufacturer and operator of Inmarsat D+ satellite network services, SkyWave is also first in D+ terminal sales with over 87,000 units shipped.

SkyWave’s products are field-tested and proven reliable for industry-specific applications including marine, land mobile, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), government and defense.
SkyWave is a privately held company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information, visit