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Saturday, Feb 04th

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Pyramid Analytics appointed a VP of Global Customer Success.



Pyramid Analytics appointed a VP of Global Customer Success.

Hayley Munro,  the new Vice President, Global Customer Success, Pyramid Analytics:

“I knew straight away that Pyramid was the right company for me. Having been in the analytics market, the Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform caught my attention because of what it uniquely does, who it does it for, and the transformational potential it delivers.


Munro brings a wealth of professional and personal experience that will aid in the drive to put the customer at the heart of everything at Pyramid. She has been instrumental at a range of different organisations in spearheading customer operations. This includes managing customer success, professional services, and customer support. Munro also brings to Pyramid a detailed and comprehensive understanding of what makes a successful customer journey and how to drive customer satisfaction


When away from the office, Munro is an outdoors enthusiast who can regularly be found skiing or mountain biking. She is a passionate world traveller whose cross-cultural encounters are not only personally rewarding but help her build high-performing teams globally.


 Decision Intelligence is the Next Big Data Analytics Innovation


The next major innovation in analytics is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Applying AI across Data Prep, Business Analytics, and Data Science is what separates Decision Intelligence from traditional business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau. AI lowers the skills barrier by automating the highly technical work needed to prepare and analyze data and create and share reports and dashboards.


 The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform delivers data-driven insights for anyone to make faster, more intelligent decisions. The Pyramid Platform provides instant access to any data, enables automated governed self-service for any person, and serves any analytics need, from the simple to the sophisticated. By uniquely combining Data Prep, Business Analytics, and Data Science with AI guidance in a single environment, the Pyramid Platform reduces cost and complexity while accelerating growth and innovation. This enables a strategic, organization-wide approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics.


Omri Kohl, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Pyramid Analytics: “Customer Success, more than any other function within our company, is responsible for fostering high-touch, long-term relationships with the people who use the Pyramid Platform. Done properly, Customer Success creates brand loyalty, raises CSAT, increases Net Promoter Score, and forms a bond, a partnership that is mutually beneficial.