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Tuesday, Apr 16th

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KYB Partners with REE Automotive to Develop Modular EV Platform


REE Automotive (REE) and KYB Corporation (KYB) announced today a strategic partnership to develop suspension capabilities for future electric vehicle (EV) platforms.

An overview of Electric Vehicle platforms

While the demand for, and sales of, electric vehicles (EVs) is on the increase, manufacturers are having to face the harsh reality that, for now at least, most OEMs do not make a profit from the sale of EVs.   However following the Covid 19 debacle, things may well change even though many industry insiders point to the high, but rapidly decreasing, battery costs as the main reason for higher EV prices, many manufacturers are finding ways to reduce these costs, designing the EV on a modular and scalable, dedicated platform will be the way forward.

Now that the public have experienced, less vehicles, less pollution both Air and sound, the price of Oil has collapsed, the way forward is obvious.

The world has changed, Demands have changed. According to McKinsey and Company, these vehicles often cost $12,000 more to produce than comparable vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs) in the small- to midsize car and small-utility-vehicle segments. These are costs that, apart from a few premium models, OEMs cannot recover.

Tier 1 supplier KYB’s semi-active and active suspension systems will boost REE’s next-generation EV platform, which delivers complete design freedom and cost-effective, scalable solutions in e-mobility. The combined expertise of REE and KYB hydraulics manufacturer, may well reshape the movement of goods, people and services by revolutionizing electric vehicle design. 

REE’s partnership with KYB further expands REE’s global manufacturing capabilities. It also ignites a new level of suspension technology within the REEcorner™ architecture solution, which integrates all drivetrain vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, e-motor) into the wheel. The REEcorner™ combines with the REEboardTM – a completely flat platform – allowing complete freedom of design, improved performance and safety, and modular applications for any vehicle type – from last mile delivery to heavy duty shipping.

About REE Automotive: Next Generation EV platform - Ready to carry the future of e-Mobility

REE Automotive is a pioneering technology company reinventing e-mobility. Unrestricted by legacy thinking, REE has developed a next generation EV platform which is completely flat, scalable and modular providing customers full design freedom to create the broadest range of EV, and autonomous vehicles for current and future applications, including last mile delivery, MaaS, light to heavy duty EV logistics and robo taxis.

About KYB group

KYB group are a group company with 47 company in 23 countries worldwide. KYB is a $3.7 billion global hydraulic equipment manufacturer with over 15,000 employees, supplying products all over the world. In supplying suspension that is one of main products to car manufacturers, KYB is one of the world’s largest suppliers and also sell full range of suspensions for the aftermarket.