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Good news for in Huawei !!

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Good news for in Huawei !!

They say any publicity is good publicity. So now every man and his dog has heard of Huawei. Pronounced “WaarWay” Last month the USA decided that Huawei was a Cyber security risk as a Chinese telecom giant, with the ability to spy on the West for the Chinese Government. This was quickly followed by many Governments deciding that they should pass on the offering of 5G equipment from Huawei.

Now comments from Ian Levy the Technical Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, better known as a sector of GCHQ , made during a BBC documentary entitled Can we Trust Huawei has thrown out fresh questions.

In Dr Levy’s blog written for the Public sector and large organisations, he starts with an over-view , stating that we all rely on our telecoms services more than we realise. We expect fast connectivity everywhere we go, something that would have looked like magic only 50 years ago. Ubiquitous connectivity has enabled new ways for people to interact, the apps we use every day, and new ways of building systems. However, very few people know how these telecoms services work, or how they’re built. So as we start talking about 5G and the next generation of fixed and mobile connectivity, I thought it’d be useful to explain how UK operators, regulators and government works to protect these critical services.

Now in an interview with the BBC, as part of a documentary broadcast this week. Dr Levy says “The security in Huawei is like nothing else – it’s engineering like it’s back in the year 2000 – it’s very, very shoddy. We’ve seen nothing to give us any confidence that the transformation programme is going to do what they say it’s going to do.”

This is perhaps a relief to Huawei, who has put forward a statement saying that they will be spending 2 billion to rectify this problem, and point to the fact that Huawei filed 5,405 patent applications to this organization in 2018, ranking first among all companies globally.

The UK government is expected to reveal in May whether it will restrict or even ban the company's 5G technology.