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The Impact of Drones on the UK Economy

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Skies without limits

A look at how drones will impact the UK’s economy, jobs, productivity and quality of life

The growing use of drones in UK airspace is a source of both huge excitement and apprehension.

Most of the excitement is among businesses in a wide range of sectors, who anticipate – and in many cases are already realising – major benefits from drones. The apprehension tends to be among members of the public, who are concerned about their implications for personal privacy and safety. So, what are the real opportunities and drawbacks? Drawing on a detailed analysis of the economic impacts of drones, we examine the commercial potential and wider significance of drones for the UK.

Drones –  “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs) – are becoming an increasingly familiar aspect of life and work in the UK today, playing a growing role in areas ranging from emergency services to construction to assessing claims. But these uses are just the start.


During a time when organisations are under pressure to be more efficient, innovative and ambitious in how they deliver services, drones offer a unique lens on the world below. Gathering data quickly and accurately from hard to reach places, they can create a ‘golden record’ in real time. This can make a crucial difference in managing costs, controlling risks, increasing safety and influencing outcomes.

  Skies without limits an opinion from PWC