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Tuesday, Apr 16th

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Re-fueling (charging) Drones, Mid Mission



SkyX,  a Canadian producer of long-range unmanned aerial monitoring, has announced the successful delivery and installation of its first production xStation, a unit that remotely recharges  drones during missions – this could well be a “Game changer”  and key milestone in the company’s evolution.

The xStation is a rugged, all-metal piece of engineering designed to allow the SkyOne drone to remotely recharge while monitoring long-range infrastructure, then continue its mission.

This Drone differs from  other Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the market. It’s not a quadcopter, and it’s not a fixed-wing aircraft. But is actually a hybrid featuring the best of both worlds, while avoiding the limitations offered by separate design.

Because it has Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) capability, this drone can take off in much the same fashion as a quadcopter. This means it can be deployed from virtually anywhere, and can be landed with great accuracy.

Unlike a quadcopter, it transitions into forward, fixed-wing flight. The efficiency and lift of an airfoil allows it to carry out long-range flights before it transitions back to multi-copter mode for landing and charging on remote, autonomous stations.


Uses in industry it can:

Detect and report leaks in pipe lines, both during day light and night

Scan for Right-of-Way Violations

By installing multiple xStations along a route, SkyOne can monitor assets like oil and gas pipelines or railroad tracks that stretch hundreds – even thousands – of miles.