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Saturday, Feb 04th

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Dial through & European data prices as low as 0.01 cent per MB (2)

Money on fire

European data prices as low as one cent (in Euros) per MB

A UK based Mobile Network Operator in collaboration with European Reseller announced today that they have completed a deal which provides incredibly low mobile data prices around the world. 

Considerable reductions on regular call through dialing.

The agreement with a new donor IMSI supplier gives us access to wholesale roaming data prices at a fraction of the current EU regulated wholesale caps. Not limited to the EU, the prices on key destinations such as Australia, USA, New Zealand, Russia and Turkey are also drastically reduced. We now plan to offer these wholesale prices to our white label partners who can resell to their subscribers at a substantial profit. The company also offer wholesale data bundles, something that previous costs did not allow. The bundles are not limited to the EU, but include many other countries. The service can be provided as data only or one that also supports full voice and SMS. This product is based on the very cheap pricing.


Traditionally our World mobile offering involved using what is known as USSD call-back to save a vast amount of money whilst roaming outside the EU, however this new development now brings considerable reductions on regular call through dialing.

The service is provided as a White Label Product. This means an MVNO is supplied with SIM cards that can have their own chosen branding, and most importantly the subscribers that are brought on to the service are owned and managed by the MVNO itself. They are then able to set all of the pricing and the terms and conditions under which the service is provided. Some MVNOs prefer to manufacture their own SIM cards and so they can simply buy the IMSIs or (profiles) from us.

Sales Director Andy Brockhurst says “There is no doubt that in terms of roaming, data is key and people want to stop switching data off whilst travelling but until now the ridiculous prices have forced this. With data prices as low as $0.01.5 per MB this deal solves that, and there has never been a better time to become a reseller”

LONDON, 23rd March 2016 –