Businesses in Guernsey are being warned about a DDoS threat targeting the island's Companies.

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Guernsey Police say the 'highly sophisticated' criminals were unsuccessful in their Cyber crime / threats  when attempting to extract monies from companies that rely on using the internet  and that they should make sure they have a good level of cyber security.

During the last 12-18 months the organisation calling itself DD4BC has been targeting various companies - ranging from online casinos to banks - with ‘distributed denial of service’ attacks (DDoS), basically blackmail against.

The Police say if they were successful, it could bring down vital business services. Although casinos and betting shops can not be described as essential.

Mode de employ, the extortionists DD4BC have been increasing both the frequency and scope of their DDoS extortion attempts, targeting  firms who deal with bitcoin exchanges, online casinos, betting shops and, most recently, to prominent financial institutions across the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The group blackmails companies by demanding bitcoin payments to, with threats against their central services being subjected to DDoS attacks.

DD4BC emailed an extortion notice to several local firms, followed by an active demonstration of their capabilities,  in the email they say: ‘Don't worry, it will not be hard and will stop in 1 hour. It's just to prove that we are serious.’

They demand 30 bitcoin’s  with a threat that the price goes up if the company does not pay within 24 hours.