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Italtel and Exprivia Partner to offer Iintegrated ICT in Italy


This agreement follows ten years of collaboration and forms a joint bid for telecom infrastructure, OSS monitoring systems and IT solutions for service providers and enterprises, with first commercial results already acquired through a number of IT contracts

Italtel, an Italian telecommunications and all-IP communication company , has partnered with Exprivia, another Italian company which is a, technology services and IT solutions company offering consultancy,  have signed a partnership agreement to strengthen their presence in the domestic Service Provider market.

The partnership will allow the companies to pool skills in order to create a joint commercial penetration plan for the Service Provider market.

Italtel and Exprivia will propose a joint offer which will integrate their expertise, products and services in Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), with typical IT components.

Areas of collaboration will include applications, such as Network and Inventory Creation, Work Force Management, Network Performance Management and Service Assurance, as well as professional services associated with them. In this context, among others, commercial results have already been achieved through a number of IT contracts.

For Italy’s Large Enterprises market, Italtel and Exprivia will offer joint solutions based on Exprivia’s IT solutions (web portals and applications such as Application Outsourcing, Back Office Applications and Analytics) which strongly complement technology developed by Italtel for next-generation Data Centers, Enterprise Data Networks and Unified Communication and Collaboration services. Commercial activities will mainly focus on the Telecommunications market, as well as Finance, Healthcare, Government and Energy and Utility sectors.

 The cooperation also extends to international Service Provider markets in regions already covered by the two partners, such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Turkey.

 "I am proud to announce we have signed this agreement with Exprivia,” said Stefano Pileri, CEO of Italtel. “In a world that needs joint developments to optimize customer solutions and make them more flexible and adaptable, the contributions of both our companies speeds up our mutual positioning in ICT."

 "Our partnership with Italtel is part of Exprivia’s development plan. I am convinced that together we can expand our operation area, leveraging each other's strengths, skills and demand," added Domenico Favuzzi, President and CEO of Exprivia.


In addition to the business partnership, the agreement between Italtel and Exprivia includes an industry partnership to design and engineer innovative solutions for specific projects relating to topics, such as virtualization through Telco over Cloud and IMS Mobile Wi-Fi offload, as well as new fields like the use of Business Intelligence technologies and Big Data in the Service Provider context.

 Milan, May 11, 2015 -