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Tuesday, Apr 16th

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Emerging Payments Association (EPA). Growth

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David Hunter of UKash, elected following a poll amongst member companies of EPA, to join the advisory board

The EPA was set up by a group of companies and individuals to represent those in emerging payments who wanted to shape their future. Current challenges being addressed by the group include:

• Creating a global hotspot for payments innovation in the UK
• Ensuring an innovation-friendly regulatory regime
• Enabling direct access to clearing and settlement at the Bank of England

Commenting on his appointment, David Hunter said: “Ukash is continually innovating to deliver payments solutions that empower social inclusion in the global economy. I am, therefore, looking forward to bringing our philosophy to the EPA Advisory Board, where I am sure we will identify the opportunities to improve the customer experience as the payments landscape responds to the changing dynamics of the consumer marketplace.”

Ukash is a e-Money Network, e-commerce cash payment method that enables consumers around the world to use cash to shop, pay and play online safely, securely and conveniently. This secure payment method was developed to protect personal identity and financial information when making online transactions, reducing the threat of credit and debit card fraud for consumers and repudiations and charge-backs for retailers, with no age limit, consumers of all ages can make the most of safe payment online.

Ukash codes are purchased with cash in retail outlets such as shops, petrol stations and kiosks, and issued online from the company’s website. The unique 19 digit codes can then be used to pay directly on any of the thousands of websites transactions worldwide, or loaded onto prepaid cards and e-wallets.

This is technology which will fulfil the requirements of channel partners, resellers, dealers of Telecom and hosting companies