Neonella Oy brings virtual currency bitcoin as part of TV-content

BitCoin pressphoto WEB 20122014

Finnish IT company Neonella Oy (Ltd) is launching a service platform that enables the use of world's most famous virtual currency, bitcoins, as part of interactive advertising, for example in TV-programs. The service also makes bitcoin transactions possible from media companies or advertisers to consumers. Neonella is currently seeking funding for the platform through a crowdfunding campaign.

Online shopping or charity as part of TV-programs

The payment interface developed enables ordering of goods or services within video or TV programs. It is also possible to vote, donate and encourage the viewers to talk about their opinions as part of the content. The same technology works in internet marketing and banners as well as in TV- and video content.

Bitcoin-payment interface will be an essential part of interactive internet-TV concept created by Neonella. The concept is already in use in several East African countries. Neonella’s CEO Jussi Myllylä believes that the technology is interesting in particularly to Africa because it enables the use of Virtual currency (bitcoins) along with mobile money, on mobile phones etc within the system.

Bitcoin is the virtual payment system, previously used by the dark Net (internet) popularly used as a means to exchange illegal money, by drug runners, assassins and other criminals. So if this system becomes a common method of passing money for legal reasons. Resellers dealers and hosting companies will need to interface with a banking system or at least a non – virtual contact who can transfer and make currency exchanges to Euros, Dollars or some other perhaps African currency.

Mobile money has, in many African countries, such as Kenia, a large upswing. Kenya is the world's largest and fastest growing mobile money market. Myllylä believes that in few years the technology, developed together with their African partner Somocon Ltd, will bring tens of millions of euros turnover for Neonella.

Neonella is currently seeking funding through a crowdfunding service FundedByMe: