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Proposal and Meeting Preparation

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The Proposal

Following your conversation send a proposal, confirming that facts and figures you have already discussed.  If you are in a  competition you will know the outline of the proposition and  secured a place among the final contenders. It’s time to position yourself as the only option. As proposals can be used to demonstrate the full extent of your understanding and expertise, they should be used to their full effect. You’re asking for commitment, for attention and time, so put some in yourself.

Effective proposals don’t just disclose proposed terms, they educate and confirm the facts discussed and persuade potential customers.

Meeting Preparation

Once a meeting is arranged, the need for an interest in your product has already been identified. This is the point where business is won or lost, so it’s important to be prepared.

The time before a meeting should be used to learn as much about your prospective client / partner as possible. The fine details on their experience, needs and objectives,  can be used to, but in the channel, the most important factor is that the channel partner can make a reasonable if not highly lucrative living by selling your product. That is a Win Win situation.

The objectives and requirements of a channel partner are just as important as your own, don’t be greedy give your partners a good percentage and they will strive for themselves and for you.

Choosing your partners

80% of successful  channel partners are based on emotions  including compatible working relationships  likes, dislikes and wants.

On the day of a meeting it comes down to a one time performance, It’s not just a case of taking along your materials and walking through them, it is essential that not only do you talk the talk you must also walk the walk. Speak with enthusiasm and commitment.

 A meeting needs to include your end intention, detailing the desired route, what comes next and ensure each party leaves with a clear picture of the end objective, don’t dance around the subject make sure that you both raise all the grey areas.

The execution of a partner / sales meeting should be slick and well-rehearsed, but also open to discussion.