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ROI from Lead Generation


Learn how to get the best ROI from your lead generation:

Performance metrics should be used to set targets and estimate ROI. It’s important to establish a benchmark, on each stage of the process, not just email opening  and click rates as well as a breakdown of phone usage and other resources. In our experience performance metrics like these can be used to calculate targets, but they should be formed with an understanding of past results, expected performance and required ROI. Knowing the cost of each lead generated and the conversion rate at each stage of the process is vital to setting realistic goals.

Cost effective marketing

Set a target of getting through to decision makers, it may be 10% or if generated via exhibitions it can be as high as 50%, because it is not a cold call! In fact a lot of the contacts can be incoming so if those calls generate a  meeting from 25% of these conversations, the numbers will stack up.

Moving forward with these numbers, set realistic targets if a salesperson is given a target to book too many meetings you will generate the 80% we discussed earlier. When what we all really need is the 20% that produce the80% of sales. Given this information it still stands that you will need to speak to decision makers and make roughly 500 calls a month, mostly because the decision maker is a busy person and it is imperative that your sales team build a relationship with the individual.

Support from email marketing and flag waving at exhibitions, to both generate sales and support your channel  is essential  and can enhance these results, but raising the profile of your company and products are crucial.