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Yellow Brick Road to Sales

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As always in sales KISS ( Keep it simple Stupid ).

We are involved in IT, but there are many different sectors ranging from Data Centres, Cloud Computing, Managed Service Providers, Internet service providers, through to the life blood of the channel with Resellers, Value added resellers, distributors, Value added distributors and system integrators.

Utilising the channel  is not simple, but very cost effective and no two businesses or sectors can approach it in the same way. This article won’t tell you what lead generation is or provide a how to list, but discuss the techniques, methods and targeting that can be used to refine any lead generation.

Whether cold calling, emailing, networking or a combination of each, every aspect of lead generation can now be quantified, measured and improved on with the use of data. Harnessing the available information and using it to alter your future is crucial to maintaining an efficient lead generation process.

An initial goal should be to outline which lead generation channels you have the most success in, in terms of conversions rates. When you know how many leads your team generate and convert via each of your channels on average, you’ll know roughly how many people you need to contact to hit revenue targets. This makes identifying the quality of your sources, the rate at which they develop into tangible profits, a vital process.

As always there are so many ways dependant on whether you need leads for hosting, resellers, dealers or end users, but exhibitions are a good lead source