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Lead Generation

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Lead Generation

But it always seems that 80% of your sales comes through 20% of your channel or sales team. In an ideal world we can identify the 20% and ditch the 80% who are not producing the goods or sales!  Whist in reality it is not that simple.

While many of the techniques involved in generating leads have been in use for as long as sales has been a concept,  it does not matter whether you are generating sales leads of channel partners or end users for your channel partners to follow up.

Generating business leads by participating in the many trade shows  and performance can be monitored and improvements can be made with a percentages of leads generated turning into  business.

At the start of the sales journey, it can all be baffling, so a good place to start is the correct type of exhibition. With previous success stories from shows as a basis its what’s ahead  that matters,  following an exhibition there’s an understandable tendency to feel overwhelmed by the number of leads generated, push out an email and wait for the channel partners and sales to roll in. For the best sales professionals though, lead generation means new business and is seen as an opportunity, with a conversation of meaning as an essential tool, leading to the contract.

When done effectively, lead generation does not resemble shouting repeatedly out of a window or into an exhibition hall full of people. Even if somebody was interested, you’d miss them in the crowd. By being organised, presenting a simple sample of your product or service is all that is needed. Do not be tempted to load your stand /booth with dozens of products. Give your  target audience an interesting experience. Always use a visitor bar code scanner rented from the organisers and have a product menu with bar codes for each item or service.