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Thursday, Jul 18th

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The integration between StruxureWare and HP OneView


Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today announced the integration of StruxureWare  the companies  data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, ™ for Data Centers, with the HP OneView infrastructure management platform. This  integration provides, IT and facilities management personnel with visibility into an organisation’s server, storage and networking systems for service management.

The integration between StruxureWare  and HP OneView enables bidirectional, live communications between the two platforms to eliminate operational silos between IT and facilities. Facility management skills and software is often kept separate.  Data centre and facilities owners and operators gain visibility into server, storage and network management, as well as service creation, providing a holistic view of and control over IT service delivery and infrastructure capacity management. Additionally, with the ability to share data between platforms, time is saved, OPEX reduced and the likelihood of human error is drastically minimised.


“Building upon StruxureWare’s existing integration with HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB), this integration provides simultaneous visibility into asset data for both IT and facilities managers, enabling a key next step in automated service deliveries and data centre service optimisation,” said Soeren Jensen, Vice President, Software and Managed Services, Schneider Electric. “We’re proud to be the first to integrate our StruxureWare for Data Centers DCIM solution with the HP OneView platform and continue on the path towards holistic management of IT and facilities.”

With this integration, enterprise data centres and colocation providers will not only benefit from the holistic management of both IT services and physical infrastructure within the data centre, but can now create services with complete visibility of dependencies on physical infrastructure. Data centres can also determine the true cost of ownership for services by being able to associate workloads to watts. These features enable enhanced time to market for service delivery, as well as increased uptime and reliability.

“IT and facilities partnerships are the core of converged management,” said Rick Einhorn, VP of Data Centre Consulting, HP. “We are excited about the momentum generated through Schneider Electric’s collaboration with HP ConvergedSystems and HP Software. It’s an important element for businesses looking to benefit from the New Style of IT across the data centre and facilities lifecycle.” 

Schneider Electric also announced today that HP has joined its EcoStruxure™ Technology Partner Program. Developed by Schneider Electric, this initiative reflects a joint commitment to HP customers who will benefit from collaborative solutions that provide maximum interoperability and efficiency, accelerated deployment and reduced integration costs.