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7 Stages to Closing a Deal Starting with Lead Generation


In business there are 7 stages to achieving more sales, generating quality leads is only the first step in the sales process but being able to successfully turn those leads into customers is the crux of sales.

This brief study  on closing a deal guides you carefully through the whole closing process from giving a quick recap on generating exceptional ROI on your lead generation through to making sure that you are fully prepared for your sales meetings and pitches to finally closing the deal and make money.


We will be reporting  seven in-depth guides that you can explore to discover more information and gain real sales insights into the closing process:

•           Lead Generation

•           Cold Calling

•           Meeting Preparation

•           Meeting Execution

•           The Proposal

•           The Pitch

•           Closing the Deal

Lead generation and prospecting forms the foundation of the sales cycle, regardless of industry sector or the size of the organisation. But once you have those leads you need to close the deal.

Through this tool we hope to highlight the key skills that are needed to successfully turn leads into sales. This interactive aims to empower sales professionals to capitalise on every available opportunity. If the foundations are solid, the house will follow: generating greater returns and higher value deals for business.

 Paul Drew, Marketing Director at Pareto, declared the project an “exciting and innovative tool”