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Wednesday, May 22nd

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Ex-NATO Bunker DataCentre

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A new Project in Norway is utilising an ex NATO bunker Green Mountain

Gartner report confirms, relocating to Green Mountain could save 50% of Data Centre OPEX. The data centre(s) have virtually zero carbon emissions and are cooled using “free cooling” provided by nearby fjord and waterways.

A report  by issued by Gartner explains that companies could cut Operational Expenses (OPEX) significantly by locating some of their IT in the Nordics where power costs are significantly lower than in UK and other European countries

Electric power in Norway costs about 40-50% of that of the UK and there is an over capacity of supply from zero carbon emission hydro power stations. As a consequence power pricing is predicted to continue to fall in Norway. In addition there are no CRC or other carbon taxes, and furthermore power pricing can be fixed for up to 10 years. This provides for predictable OPEX of an element that can cost between 40-80% of the Data Centre OPEX in other regions.

The ex Nato Bunker is an ideal structure, providing both security, cooling and ready made galleries or server rooms

The report reconfirms Green Mountain’s position that significant savings can be made by smart locating to data centres like Green Mountain where power costs are low, maintaining only heavily latency dependant applications near the user-point.

In a case study in the Gartner report a 42% hosting cost saving is illustrated by splitting work-load between London Docklands and Norway.


Knut Molaug CEO of Green Mountain says “We are pleased that a respected organisation like Gartner have confirmed what we have been advocating the last 2 years, that data centres in Norway offer very significant OPEX savings over those in other regions. Further to this there is the important advantage of reduced carbon footprint”

Green Mountain has two (2) fully operational data centres in Norway, one in Stavanger and the second in the Telemark region. They are both powered by multiple grid supplies fed from hydro-electric power stations located nearby so there is a robust infrastructure in place and marginal transmission losses.

We will bring more information over the next few days.