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Internet Of Things

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Internet Of Things

Connections in your everyday items. It might be in your home it might be in your work place but it will change things. With the use of M2M (machine to machine) connectivity either through telephone SIMs or GPS.

This miniature GPRS Quad-band unit offering connectivity over  several interfaces to the outside  world. This low power module integrates a powerful 16 bit processor which runs custom applications and a GPRS transceiver which handles the connectivity and provides the embedded world with a powerful  cost-effective mobile internet in a small footprint.

The unit works with AT commands handling the communication between the microcontroller and the GPRS transceiver, sending all the required AT commands, passing responses and managing asynchronous messages whilst operating on low power modes  through  GPRS for battery powered applications.

The module form factor is identical to FlyportPRO Wi-Fi and FlyportPRO Ethernet and has a compatible pinout. FlyportPRO GPRS is powered by the openPicus framework, which is based on FreeRTOS. The free IDE allows the creation of applications to import web pages and to compile and download code to the module.

Key Features:

Powerful and low power microcontroller (PIC24FJ256GB206)

Firmware upgrade over the internet (FOTA) and functions including SMS

256k program memory, 96Kbyte RAM, 16Mbit FLASH, 64Kbit EEPROM

GPRS quadband certified transceiver (with uFL connector

APIs for hardware control, low power modes management and connectivity.