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Tuesday, Sep 26th

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End Of An Era

Larry Elllison on stageWEB

As CEO of Oracle, Lawrence "Larry" Ellison has been one of the true influencers of the IT industry. He has threatened to shoot competitors, outlasted many others and chased the title of the richest man in the world, buying or commissioning the best and most expensive yachts to engage in his passion for sailing and of course he has been inspirational.

No one has ever called Ellison boring. Indeed, from the time when "Oracle" was a CIA project and not a company,

he has managed to be a part of nearly all the biggest changes in the IT industry, where he has continually redefined the future of computing while continuing to have a lot of fun doing so.

Now in the time of Big Data he is stepping down, with 43% more data being produced year on year. Oracle will continue to excel. New CTO, Safra Catz and Mark Hurd as the company's new CEOs.

Whether it is servers, chips, databases, data centres, Apps and cloud computing the future will be busy and growth will continue.