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Thursday, May 23rd

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Macmon Secure chooses Wick Hill As Sole UK Distributor

VAD Wick Hill announced today that it has been appointed sole UK distributor for macmon secure, a German network security vender and aims to build UK market of resellers and dealers through the channel a pioneer of intelligent network access control (NAC) solutions. Wick Hill is looking to build UK sales, working with channel partners.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group, commented: “Network access control has made a major resurgence and macmon’s new generation solution gives organisations the tools to both secure and innovate their environment. With wireless and mobility impacting all parts of business, NAC is a fundamental requirement for management and compliance.

Wick hill have been successful in Germany with macmon and are delighted to have the opportunity to replicate that success in the UK. The solutions offer major opportunities for the channel. While installation can be done in under a day, macmon offers significant professional service opportunities.

Christian Buecker, managing director of macmon, said: “NAC has a unique advantage for company networks. It is a central authority with the power to make decisions about all access requests and the ability to disconnect hazardous systems if necessary.

Macmon have dealt effectively with the challenge of providing secure access control in Germany, where we have become a market leader. I am absolutely sure that companies in the UK are facing the same sort of access control challenges. We can support both the UK channel and UK end users in dealing with the issues facing them around secure access. Our aim is repeat our success in Germany and to become a UK market leader in NAC as well.

“Wick Hill was the only choice for us as a distributor, based on our successful partnership in Germany, where we work together extremely well. We appreciate their excellent value added services. With Wick Hill, we have a partner that really knows the UK market and offers the support the local channel needs to be successful – even with new products.”

NAC is the fastest and easiest solution on the market, It protects the network from unauthorised or unsafe devices, and from internal attacks, regardless of whether on the LAN or WLAN, providing centralised control. It is available as a software appliance or as a physical appliance.

With today’s fragmented networks, encompassing BYOD, wireless, smartphones, computerised machinery and other devices, macmon intelligent modular solutions provide the ability to communicate with all manageable switches, giving a complete overview of all devices on the LAN and WLAN.

Macmon is vendor independent, so ideal for all networks, with a mix of equipment, the solution is both very easy and very fast to implement, offering immediate network transparency, without necessarily changing the existing network infrastructure and without high investment.

Benefits of macmon

* Instantaneous total network overview

* Simple to implement and use

* Smart integration with other leading security products

* Operates in a multi-vendor heterogeneous environment and supports 802.11X

* Interactive graphical topology

* Intelligent guest management for LAN and WAN

* Smart management of BYOD situations

* Security made in Germany

* Security, simplicity and transparency - with a single, central system