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Nik Stanbridge appointed VP Product Marketing Arkivum


At Arkivum, he occupies the precarious position of VP product marketing. Precarious? 

Arkivum founded in 2011, as a spin-out of the University of Southampton 2011. The company specialises in the management and storage of an organisation's information assets and  delivers systems that can intelligently manage content to efficiently store and retrieve data over the long term while offering a highly cost-effective solution, with low up-front investment and zero risk

Over 15 years’ experience product marketing and product management has taught Nik a thing or two about managing product lifecycles and devising the kind of product marketing strategies that help businesses to flourish and grow.

Not only does Nik have responsibility for all things product marketing, he also applies his significant business experience and know-how to ensure customers are kept happy and well-informed, and the sales team are fully occupied

We provide organisations with a sustainable and economical way of storing data for the long term. Our unique approach provides a reduction in the day-to-day operational load that organisations of all shapes and sizes face. We sell our archiving service through a network of reseller and OEM channel partners.

Nik brings a wealth of software product marketing skills and knowledge to the VP Product Marketing role. He will be responsible for defining and delivering  product marketing strategy and vision. The appointment enhances the  management team and, with his experience and thought leadership, will take company to the next phase of expansion and growth that builds upon current deployment successes in the higher education and healthcare markets.

Previously with VoiceVault where he held the position of VP Product Marketing, providing voice biometric identity verification solutions to the US smartphone market. Nik has held a variety of roles in the B2B software and technology sectors. He has been responsible for products ranging from regulatory submission technology in the pharmaceuticals market to PDF creation and manipulation technology through to industrial inject print heads. These previous roles have afforded Nik the high levels of expertise and experience demanded by Arkivum in order to further develop and deliver world-class data archiving solutions.

Arkivum provides a  transparent data archiving service and its approach to data safety and security is simple. It keeps multiple copies of customers’ data in secure UK data centres and actively manages its integrity to ensure it remains in bit-perfect condition all the time. Arkivum relies on proven storage technology and open standards to deliver fast and efficient online access. The company’s unique solution is the only system available on the market, which guarantees 100% data integrity. dealer